Friday Harbor Nocturne
Notebook Batteries

Image by A.Davey
Shipboard lights ward off the early darkness of autumn.

This is our home when we’re cruising, and it’s our only residence when we’re at our home marina near Portland, Oregon.

In this photo, the boat’s galley is showcased. On the exterior, you can see our gas grill, where we do most of our cooking, and the steps to the boat deck, where we store our shrimp and crab traps, our dinghy, and our open-ocean liferaft.

At the very top left you can see into one of the rear windows of the pilot house. Strictly speaking, this space contains the boat’s instruments and controls. As a practical matter, it’s a den, since is has our notebook computers, a comfy sofa (settee in boatspeak) and a comfier bunk above the settee.

This is a 46-foot Nordhavn, built for long, slow, passages across great distances of open ocean. The 140-hp engine is marvelously fuel efficient and reliable. When we’re at anchor or at a marina without power, we run most systems off our batteries. However, under those circumstances, we have a small generator that we run twice a day to recharge the batteries. When it’s running, we have enough juice to operate the coffee maker, the waffle iron and other essential appliances.

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