The HP TouchSmart Tm2 is a huge leap in performance, finish and quality for the long running TouchSmart multi-touch Tablet PC series. The TouchSmart Tm2 now boasts a sleek new design and features a Wacom Active Digitizer pen and Multi-Touch Screen, dedicated ATI graphics, Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 4 – 5 hour standard battery life. Tablet PCs like the Tm2 are much more than just consumption devices. The active digitizer pen allows you to enter data in your own handwriting at up to 40 wpm, take notes on digital paper and sketch and draw with pressure sensitivity. Coupled with Microsoft Office, you can draw on word documents, emails and powerpoint presentations. You can also read e-Books, web pages and pdf documents using the multi-touch functionality of Windows 7. As a Tablet PC the Tm2 functions extremely well and we recommend that it should be highly considered for students and home users. It can easily replace your current laptop or desktop.

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