Subscribe to the channel The PC ecosystem is no longer as simple as it once was — first there were desktops, then laptops, then tablets, then all-in-ones. Buying a PC now is more nebulous than it ever was. You could build your very own rig, piece-by-piece, or you could buy one of the many, many pre-fab options out there (or some mixture of the two, of course). And then there’s even more outside-of-the-box options, like Razer’s recently re-introduced Edge (aka “Project Fiona”), which occupies a space all its own. Part laptop, part tablet, part home console, and part portable console, the Razer Edge is the fruition of Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan’s dream to create a “true” portable PC gaming machine. And weighing in at just two pounds, the Edge is dramatically lighter than Razer’s other portable gaming machine, the Blade (which clocks in at a whopping 6.6 lbs.), making it the company’s first actually portable game console. Keeping those Blade comparisons rolling, the base level Edge at 9 features a slight step down from the Blade’s Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor to a 1.7GHz Intel’s Core i5 (the Edge Pro at 99 boosts that CPU to a 1.9GHz Ivy Bridge i7, more closely matching the far costlier Blade). Thankfully, the Edge’s GPU is not only discreet, but also powerful and (thankfully) not fragmented between the two models: an NVIDIA GT640M LE powers the graphics on both, while 4GB or 8GB (respectively) of DDR3 RAM keeps it all running smoothly. The base model Edge holds 64GB of
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