At the office – coffeecup
Laptop Battery

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Reflections in my coffee mug.

Geek Gear
Laptop Battery

Image by Todd Huffman
In the airport, about to head out to Dubai, then Kabul and Jalalabad.

I’m part of the ‘J-bad Geek Squad’, as Dave calls us. Alternatively ‘Cyber Pass meets the Khyber Pass’.

I’m armed with…
Macbook Air (personal machine)
Toshiba laptop (field portable server)
2 Meraki Mini’s (for extending the satellite’s wireless network)
Squid power strip (my fav power strip)
Cannon point and shoot
Amazon Kindle…
LiveScribe Digital Pen
3V1 Power Bank (general purpose external battery)
2 iPhones
SPOT GPS transmitter (
…and a bunch of smaller things I didn’t feel like unpacking.

I’ll probably be leaving the Meraki’s behind as a donation to the project, and if they work out well I’ll bring more to help bring connectivity to the various parts of the lab. The rest of the stuff is for various field tests and experiments of things I’ve been working on.


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