Razor E300 — The Next Step
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Image by nebarnix
Data point clouds, smoothed plots, and most importantly — SOC estimation!

Sensors were recalibrated and the wheel wobble was very painfully removed by de-centering the wheel sprocket. Go figure. 1.58 AH expended on this drive.

This telemetry was transmitted wirelessly from my E300 Razor Scooter and recorded by a laptop in my backpack. The end goal? To create a tiny little velcro box to attach to the handlebars to provide a ‘gas gauge’. Because when you have to kick-scoot back home, its no fun!

All I need are more MSP430 chips which are in the mail.

Red dots and Blue Lines are battery current
Red lines and Blue dots are battery voltage
Pale thick blue line is amp-hour consumption. At 15 Amps average rate, the pack offers ~5AH of capacity.

More info at wiki.nebarnix.com/wiki/Scooter

XMI X-mini II Speaker: Woo-Boost
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Image by amchu
This is my most recent purchase and it’s absolutely fantastic. The XMI X-mini II speaker system is one of the best mini speakers I’ve ever heard especially for the sub £15 price tag.

If you normally use laptop speakers and you’re looking for something with a little more kick then one of these should do the trick. It’s small enough to take with you, the rechargeable battery life lasts for hours on end and it’s incredibly loud. No more ‘tinny’ sounds for me when I’m on the go.

Best gadget buy of 2010 so far I think.

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