Lithium Ion battery fire


help why is my computer on fire
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How to use laptop batteries(3)


How to use laptop batteries(3)

Extend battery life to use:
? Although the lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but improper use will greatly affect the life span . Use of lithium-ion battery should note the following:
Under full power not use AC power | dell laptop battery voltage regulator -driven and not full of electricity compared to the state more easily filled with the aging electric . Especially when fully use the AC power drive , the battery will bring a heavy burden. Also increase the cooling capacity , and further accelerate the aging batteries . Therefore, the temporary use of laptop computers , once full of power , it had better battery power . Manufacturers recommendations when using the AC power Remove the battery ( remove the battery , but if we must pay attention to power failure or other accident, unplug the cable , there is no saved data will be lost ) .

Use power-saving features

Factors affecting battery life is the number of charge and discharge . In order to minimize the number of charge , can be used with laptop power saving function ( when using the battery , dimming the screen brightness , lower CPU speed to reduce power consumption ) . By the same token , batteries are charged, the best try not to charge the battery fully utilized .

Fully discharge once every few months

Another trick is to put each or a few months once the battery is fully discharged .Dell Latitude C600 Battery, Dell Latitude C610 Battery, Dell Latitude C640 Battery, Specific approach is to have zero power to the battery used to power after zero to stop using , connect AC adapter, then do not use personal computers, these cities to full power . Some personal computers have a ” battery discharge (Battery Refresh) function . ” If you think the battery is very easy to use , you can try using the battery discharge function .

When not long , unplug AC adapter

Not more than eight hours or more , in order not to burden the battery , remove the AC adapter . Also,Dell Latitude C640 Battery, if more than one month when not in use , please remove the battery from the machine , put in the shade.

When replacing the battery ?

Standard replacement battery is charged only to the original capacity of around 6 percent . Since there are many types of batteries , it is necessary to purchase personal computers in use that it was a model . In addition , it is best not to advance purchase spare , because if not , the battery will wear and tear .

There is now no need to buy genuine batteries , but to discharge the battery is being used to restore the performance of services. “BAYSUN” is one of them a week ‘s time to restore the battery performance.

This method , compared with the purchase of authentic , not just cheap, not in stock at the manufacturer , or second-hand laptop with the battery can no longer use is particularly convenient for such occasions .

I am afraid that with books all the people have experienced the power of embarrassment to find that , in fact, develop some good habits can be very effective in extending battery life books .
Always orderHard diskDebris : hard work , the more smoothly , it also consumes less power . Regular disk clean-up debris can easily do this . Of course, if you are using MacOSX , or Linux , then you can ignore this department, Dell Latitude C610 Battery, because they use the disk management and more scientific than Windows , few fragments . Dim your display : the vast majorityNotebookSupport the display brightness adjustment , and some models even adjust CPU frequency and supportCoolingSystem. Their adjustment to the minimum you can tolerate , which is very good saving . (In WinXP , you can by default AC and battery of different configurations , so that books in the plug-in automatically switched , and Vista, by moving the center can set multiple sets of books using the program to fully define the power to use ) to reduce background Run the program : iTunes, desktop search , etc. , which will increase the CPU load , reducing battery life .

Computer Training : How to Optimize Laptop Battery Life


Optimizing battery life on a laptop computer requires clicking on the control panel, selecting “Power Options” and choosing when to turn off the laptop’s display. Find out ways to conserve battery life on a laptop computer with help from a software developer in this free video on laptop batteries.
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Dell Laptop Battery Usage Tips


Dell Laptop Battery Usage Tips

If you find yourself with no electrical adapter or power source and need your battery to operate for as long as possible, here are a few tips you can try when your laptop computer is in battery mode:
1. Use the laptop’s power management system
In Microsoft Windows the “Power Options” power management application can be found inside the Control Panel. In the Power Options Properties tab select the “Portable/Laptop” power scheme. Many laptop manufactories also provide their own custom power management applications, which help to optimize power usage and extend Battery time.
2. Turn down the display brightness
You can lower the LCD brightness level to use less energy. In fact a lower brightness level also strains the eyes less and causes less fatigue.
3. Close any unused applications
Applications are a burden on the system and require energy to run. Closing any unused applications will reduce that burden and any energy consumption down the line.
4. Remove any unused PC Cards or USB devices from your laptop
These devices require energy even when they sit idle, so removing them can help to extend your dell xps m1330 battery time.
5. Disable Wireless LAN or Bluetooth network adapter when not in use
Ditto for the Wireless LAN or Bluetooth network adapters.
6. Increase system memory
Your computer stores data for use by the CPU in system memory or as virtual memory in the hard drive. Increasing system memory helps to reduce the system’s reliance on the hard drive, which uses more energy than system memory.
7. Reduce unnecessary optical drive operation/activity
Avoid activities that require your optical drive to operate constantly, such as listening to CDs.
8. Avoid graphics intensive applications
The laptop system will run in a high performance settings when using these applications, causing the battery to run down at a very quick rate.

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Calling all laptop owners. Here’s some tips and tricks to keep your laptop battery healthy


davindageek.weebly.com Ok I’m here to clear up a few things that some people think they know about laptops and who don’t have all of the correct facts down about their battery. I’ll also give you tips on keeping your battery from dying out so fast and making it last longer.
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Laptop Battery Life Review

laptop battery
by pemfoo

Laptop Battery Life Review

Laptop battery life is one of the biggest problems users face. Most laptops lose their battery quickly, especially when you need them the most. It can be frustrating to get a new computer and find that in just a few months, the time that you can use your laptop dwindles from two hours to an hour or less. So, how do you keep your battery work for a good long time?
Lin-on batteries are the most popular laptop battery because they don’t need to be fully run down before recharging. Lin-on batteries usually weigh less than NiMH batteries too, which is important in today’s ultraslim laptop market. Since they use the newest technology available, Lin-on batteries usually cost more than NiMH batteries even through they might have the same capacity.

Here are 10 easy tips to help you extend your battery life.

1. Defrag On A Regular Basis
Speed up your hard drive by de-fragmenting it on a regular basis (while it is not charging of course). The faster your hard drive works, the less stress you will put on the hard drive and your Lenovo 3000 n100 Battery.
2. Dim Your Screen
Having the screen level at the minimum will help you save battery life. Keep the screen dim and. Some laptops have options to modify CPU and cooling performance, take them to the lowest level maximize battery performance.
3. Cut Down The Number Of Programs Running In The Background.
This includes itunes, desktop search, and other applications running in the background. These programs contribute to the CPU load and reduce battery life.
4. Cut Down External Devices
All external devices, including USB devices (e.g your mouse) & WiFi eat up your laptop
battery fast.  It is better to remove them, or shut them down when not in use.
5. Increase Your RAM
By increasing the RAM, you will be able to do more with the memory your laptop has, rather than relying on virtual memory.  Virtual memory uses up hard drive, and is much less power efficient. However, adding more RAM will lead to further energy consumption, so do this only if you need to run memory intensive programs which actually require heavy usage of virtual memory.
6. Run Programs From Hard Drive Rather Than CD/DVD
CD and DVD drives are even worse than hard drives.   They spin, eating up power, even when they’re not actively being used. 
7. Keep The Battery Contacts Clean
Clean up your battery’s metal contacts after every two months with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.  This helps to transfer power from your battery more efficiently.
8. Take Care Of Your Battery
Use your Dell latitude d505 Battery with care.  Do not leave the charged battery unattended for long periods of time.  Once charged, you should use the battery at least once in every two to three weeks. Moreover, never leave a Li-On battery completely discharged. Discharging is effective only for older batteries with memory effects.
9. Hibernate Instead of Standby
Although standby mode saves some power and you can instantly start off work from where you left, but it doesn’t save as much as the hibernate function. 
10. Set Up And Optimize Your Power Options
Go to the ‘Power Options’ in the windows control panel and set the power usage to
optimized. You can select the ‘max battery’ for maximum effect.

PS:The battery backup also depends up on the type of battery you are using. A 12 cell battery will give you more backup than a 8 cell FUJITSU amilo pro v2010 battery.

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Japan and South Korea occupy the top three laptop battery


Japan and South Korea occupy the top three laptop battery

Due to quality issues , but also greatly affected Sony battery industry ‘s development , because apart from compensation, Sony manufactured batteries battery be his core Xianzai also refused to have contact module manufacturer ‘s . Song Fuxiang said in the past almost every battery module factories and Sony have procurement relationships , but Sony’s problems , it is now almost all manufacturers are no longer on the Sony purchase, Sony batteries so large shipments of core contraction , leaving only Shipments are mainly used to meet the required recall .

Japan and South Korea occupy the top three laptop battery

From a cost point of view, the cost of laptop battery is about 30-40 U.S. dollars , second only to processor (CPU), hard drives, so the laptop works , Dell 312-0306 Battery such as Dell , Hewlett-Packard (HP), Apple , etc. regarded as a direct battery Procurement of parts and components . Which accounted for the highest proportion of lithium is barrel core , in general the most common six -cell battery of view , accounting for more than the overall cost of Qi Cheng , and the battery core owing to the heavy chemical industry , have very high technical threshold , and Require high-cost investment, mainly to South Korea, Japan -based manufacturers . The past is also important to Motorola, an American manufacturer lithium core , however , to compete against Japanese, Korean manufacturers, with industry risks are too high , it will also sell the battery core sector , and now Japan’s Sanyo , Sony and Samsung in Korea Lithium is currently the world’s top three core companies .

Downstream of the battery core is a home battery module plant , the plant has its own battery core module plant , however , Taiwan’s notebook PC as a complete upper and lower village , so although there is no battery core plant , it still developed a battery module industry . Taiwan notebook battery module two major new plant P , Shunda that with a laptop on behalf of the factory and close relationship with the mainland at low wages ,Dell Inspiron 710m Battery, Dell F5136 Battery, Dell 312-0306 Battery, Dell 312-0305 Battery Dell Inspiron 500m Battery, scored the industry.

Although manufacturers will purchase the right to revert to NB grasp, but , for the attitude module plant is still quite a space, the notebook computer makers will do to the battery core factory certification , each with several core works with the battery . In addition, the requirements for the battery module factory design a series of standards is not mandatory for each model with a solution, the module works as long as the proposed safety standards in line with manufacturers specifications , then the battery to the core by certified battery plant procurement Core can be assembled into modules .

Dell and Apple are the victims

The large-scale recovery, just in Dell announced second quarter earnings expectations may not be as time , Dell’s growth rate over the past year has slowed down, so many people to the recovery movement and Dell recently the plight of more than a year associate , question whether a series of Dell adjustment, in the past for the quality control has been relaxed.

The large-scale recovery, just in Dell announced second quarter earnings expectations may not be as time ,Dell F5136 Battery, Dell’s growth rate over the past year has slowed down, so many people to the recovery movement and Dell recently the plight of more than a year associate , question whether a series of Dell adjustment, in the past for the quality control has been relaxed.

However, with the Song Fuxiang has been working with Dell , said Dell’s standard is almost the most demanding , the new general became the first scored the supply chain, Taiwan Dell battery module plant , through Dell ‘s certification is representative of the new common technology Recognition , this time in the past , Dell’s security requirements and not reduced .

Later, when Apple Computer announced that follow-up recall , Dell’s market concerns ease only slightly . But the trade, these defective cells from the second year of the new production ? ? these four years during the first half of this year , for up to two years, during which various laptop brands that use Sony’s battery cell battery case overheating occurs frequently , I believe Sony over the quality of these manufacturers are still to blame .

In fact, in a few months ago , the battery module factory on receipt of Dell, Apple batteries in response to recall the necessary orders , and when one after another ship in August . But manufacturers say , Dell, Apple , the other is also produced by Sony ‘s laptop battery manufacturers are still waiting to see , and no further action . The number of foreign news coming one after another , such as Sony ,Dell Inspiron 710m Battery, Dell F5136 Battery, Dell 312-0306 Battery, Dell 312-0305 Battery Dell Inspiron 500m Battery, announced that only Dell and Apple have such a large-scale recall of action . Some also use Sony batteries core brands such as Lenovo , Fujitsu and so on , announced that the products are heat-resistant design , it will not have overheating problems .

But things really as bad as manufacturers said, Dell, Apple , after all it will survive without you? The company strongly disinfection , the battery R & D staff is very concerned to express , including Dell , Apple included, all laptop brands have heat or overheating shutdown of the design , but still there was overheating .

In fact , these security problems will not only in these two companies , Dell Inspiron 710m Battery, only because Dell is the sales of Sony’s purchase of the largest notebook vendor, so it might give the impression Dell’s poor design . In fact, any use of Sony laptop batteries , such problems are likely to occur .

However, for consumers, because the battery does not indicate a general supplier of the battery core , you want to identify the battery manufacturer, is actually unlikely . Battery R & D personnel on condition of anonymity suggested that not address the safety concerns , several major brand notebook computers , in addition to already announced the recall of Dell, Apple and Sony ‘s own VAIO, Lenovo ‘s ThinkPad are also used in all current virtually Sony notebook computer batteries , consumer use, the best time of purchase must also pay attention . As for another fight with the Dell PC maker Hewlett-Packard led , not because of Sony’s purchases , but unexpectedly become a relatively safe choice .

Extending Laptop Battery Life: Switched How To


Five simple tricks to keep your laptop running longer.
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BG 15-21-130 Universal Laptop Battery Charger
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Laptop Battery Safety Tips


Laptop Battery Safety Tips

How to use laptop batteries(4)


How to use laptop batteries(4)

Laptop battery use and maintenance
Speaking from the battery materials , batteries currently used in notebook computers are three main points : 1 . nickel- chromium batteries , 2. Ni-MH battery , 3. lithium battery ; they are generally expressed as : dell laptop battery Nickel cadmium NI-CD, Ni-MH NI- MH, lithium LI.

1 , the activation of a new battery

Manufacturers common practice is a new laptop battery at the first boot with 3% of electricity should be , Dell 1691P Battery, Dell 75UYF Battery, Dell 5081P Battery,Dell Inspiron 700m Battery, then , should first do not use an external power supply , but in the remainder of the battery power is used up, until the shutdown, howeverAfter charging with external power supply . And also the battery is exhausted and then charge , charge time must be more than 12 hours , repeated three times to activate the battery .

2, to minimize the number of battery

The number of battery charge and discharge directly to the life of a single battery charge , battery on a step forward to retirement . Suggest that you use an external power supply , use an external power supply when the battery removed . Often several times a day if the power plug , and notebook computers with batteries, greater damage to the battery . Because each time access is equivalent to an external power supply to charge the battery once the battery life shortened by a naturally .

3, battery charge and avoid exhaustion after long charging time

Whether to use lithium or NiMH laptop power , be sure to fully charge after exhaustion ( power less than 1% ),Dell Inspiron 700m Battery, which is the best way to avoid the memory effect . Lithium also have memory effect , but it is the memory effect than Ni-MH small number of only up to the battery completely before using the complete charge to it . Part of the charge and discharge the battery which could lead to the chemical properties of the batteries are inconsistent , so the battery performance will back down .
Recommended every few months to conduct a deep discharge battery to optimize battery performance. Specific approach is to use battery power , battery capacity has been used to 0% ( this time the system will automatically enter hibernation or standby , set according to different BIOS ) . Then connected to the AC charger has been full of up to 100% .

After a long period of storage battery , and battery has a natural discharge process , the natural discharge has been finished , this does not affect battery capacity. The first charge , you should continuously charge the battery to 12 hours , and cycle to fully charge and discharge three times (see Battery Maintenance 1 ) to completely wake up a new battery , if this battery is stored for months without Use , the proposed three times its full charge and discharge . If a battery after 12 consecutive hours , or after the charging and discharging cycle three times still can not charge , can not use this battery needs replacing.
Enlightened:Eight out of laptop battery maintenance errors

In the notebook computer, battery is a matter of love-hate of the parts, Dell 1691P Battery, Dell 75UYF Battery, Dell 5081P Battery,Dell Inspiron 700m Battery, it gives the ability to use mobile notebook PCs , but continued to work frequently compared to days or even a week of phone and MD, notebook battery time remains a matter of gear If the phone ‘s battery can only use 8 hours , people will be reviled , but this results in the laptop which is already outstanding proud to say that the fastest notebook computer slow components ,Dell 5081P Battery in addition to the keyboard should turn the battery on , And so there is such a joke :

Intel is through investment and technology involved in supporting new battery technologies , “For us, in the 1990s, lithium batteries have been good enough , ” Intel’s Mooly Eden , director of mobile platforms marketing, said , ” to improve the battery as the young teens The relationship between people and nature , like : Everyone talks about , but no one did . “

Battery maintenance has been a hot topic for laptop users , but many in fact that the error inside the final analysis, comes from two aspects , one is ” thinking does not keep up with the NiMH batteries to lithium batteries change , ” it is more Funny , from the phone, because the phone is the first contact most users use the device repeatedly rechargeable batteries , so will be taken for granted some of the phone used to extend to the notebook body .

I do not intend to cultivate the majority of notebook users into experts, it is not necessary , I just want to fall into the error of some of the most easy to clarify , and give the correct perspective and practices.

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