How Long Will My New Laptop Battery Last?

laptop battery
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How Long Will My New Laptop Battery Last?

This is difficult to determine. Actual laptop battery running time depends upon the power demands made by the equipment. The use of the monitor, the hard drive and other accessories result in additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing its running time. The total running time of the battery is also dependent upon the design of the equipment. Generally, a new BatteryFuel.com battery will run at least as long (and usually longer) as your old battery did when it was new.

BatteryFuel’s Laptop batteries have two main ratings on them: Volts and Amperes. Because size and weight of laptop batteries is limited when compared to larger batteries such as car batteries, most companies show their ratings with Volts and Milliamperes. One thousand Milliamperes equals 1 Ampere. When buying a battery, select batteries with the most Milliamperes (or mAh). Batteries are also rated by Watt-Hours, perhaps the simplest rating of all. This is found by multiplying the Volts and the Amperes together. For example:

14.4 Volts, 4000mAh (Note: 4000mAh is equal to 4.0 Amperes). 14.4 x 4.0 = 57.60 Watt-Hours Watt-Hours signifies the energy needed to power one watt for one hour. This laptop battery can power 57.60 watts for one hour. If your laptop runs at 20.50 watts, as an example, this laptop battery could power your laptop for 2.8 hours. (57.60 battery watts/20.50 laptop watts = 2.8 hours or runtime)

You can find your laptop’s watt hour usage in the user or specification’s manual. Some laptop manuals will give more than one watt hour specification based on running the already installed OS by itself and or with one other program open as in the laptop’s word processor. Once you open up other programs and start adding pheriphials, the run time will be reduced. Please keep in mind that WiFi, Gaming and Video Streaming will eat up your battery power very fast and the laptops watt hour use does not include these activities.


BatteryFuel is an eCommerce reseller, since 2002, of replacement batteries for laptops, cell-phones, camcorders, digital cameras and many more electronic devices.

How To Get The Best Laptop Battery Life


speeding-up-your-pc.com Learn how to extend laptop battery life.

In order to test a laptop battery, go to Power Options within the Control Panel and look at the corresponding power meter. Find out how to use the light meter to test a laptop battery with help from a laptop repair specialist in this free video on laptop computer batteries. Expert: Nathan…

What is the run time of HP Compaq laptop battery


What is the run time of HP Compaq laptop battery

HP Compaq Laptop Battery have two main ratings on them: Volts and Amperes. Because size and weight of Laptop Battery is limited when compared to larger batteries such as car batteries, most companies show their ratings with Volts and Mill amperes. One thousand Mill amperes equals 1 Ampere. When buying a battery, select batteries with the most Mill amperes (or Ah). Batteries are also rated by Watt-Hours, perhaps the simplest rating of all. This is found by multiplying the Volts and the Amperes together. For example:

14.4 Volts, 4000mAh (Note: 4000mAh is equal to 4.0 Amperes).

14.4 x 4.0 = 57.60 Watt-Hours

Watt-Hours signifies the energy needed to power one watt for one hour. This HP Compaq Laptop Battery can power 57.60 watts for one hour. If your laptop runs at 20.50 watts, as an example, this Laptop Battery could power your laptop for 2.8 hours.

133 Watt External Laptop Battery Charger Runtime Up to 10Hrs

Upgrade my HP Compaq Laptop Battery from Ni-MH to Li-ion

Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion HP Compaq Laptop Battery are all fundamentally different from one another and cannot be substituted unless the laptop has been pre-configured from the manufacturer to accept more than one type of battery chemistry. Please refer to your manual to find out which rechargeable battery types the laptop device supports or use our HP Compaq Laptop Battery Finder above to find all the compatible Laptop Battery for your device. It will automatically list all of the battery chemistries supported by your specific device. If your device does allow you to upgrade the battery from Ni-MH to Li-ion, you will typically get longer run times.

For example, if your laptop uses a NI-MH battery that is 9.6 Volts, 4000mAh and the new Li-ion laptop battery is 14.4 Volt, 3600mAh, then you will obtain longer run time with the Li-ion battery.


Li-ion: 14.4 Volts x 3.6 Amperes = 51.84 Watt Hours
Ni-MH: 9.6 Volts x 4 Amperes = 38.4 Watt Hours
The Li-ion is stronger and has longer run time.

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The careful maintenance of li-ion laptop battery

laptop battery
by aleske

The careful maintenance of li-ion laptop battery

Lithium-Ion — or Li-Ion — batteries are in everything,laptops,digital cameras,camcorders,mp3,etc.it seem that we can’t live without them in my daily life.so we indeed need them.and while they may not last forever, they’ll benefit from a little tender loving care. This time, five strategies that will help your users get the most out of the rechargeable batteries in their laptops and portable devices.

Device manufacturers categorize batteries as “consumables.” They’re expected to wear out; it’s how they do what they do. The warranties provided by computer companies usually have different coverage terms for a laptop’s battery than for the computer’s other components. Even if you take the best possible care of your battery, its performance will degrade over time, and I’ve found that batteries older than two or three years aren’t good for much runtime at all.

Accept the fact that your battery won’t last forever, no matter what.

Oxidation in the cells can prevent an old battery from discharging properly, so even when left on a shelf, a battery’s lifespan shortens with time. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some steps that you can take to ensure the Li-Ion batteries in your laptop or cell phone last as long as possible.

Batteries are made to be used, so use them.

Just like couch potatoes, batteries need exercise. The chemicals in Lithium-Ion batteries respond best to regular recharging. So if you have a laptop, don’t keep it plugged in all the time; go ahead and let it drain to about 40 or 50 percent of capacity, and then recharge your computer.

The life of a Lithium-Ion Sony vgp-bps11 Battery can be measured in charge cycles. A charge cycle occurs when 100% of a battery’s capacity is used. Let’s say you use 50% of your laptop’s battery one day, charge it overnight, and then you use 50% of the battery  again the next day. Even after charging  back up again, you’ll have only had one charge cycle occur. Most laptop batteries are rated for a useful life of at least 300-500 charge cycles, but high-quality, properly maintained batteries can retain up to 80% of their original life, even after 300 cycles.

Periodically calibrate your battery.

Most batteries that have a “fuel gauge”, like those in laptops, should be periodically discharged to zero. This can be accomplished simply by letting your computer run until it reports a low-battery state and suspends itself. (Do not let your computer deep discharge, as I’ll explain in the next item.)

The gauge that measures the remaining power in your laptop is based on circuitry integrated into the battery that approximates the effectiveness of the battery’s chemical compounds. Over time, a discrepancy can develop between the capacity that the internal circuitry expects the battery to have and what the battery can actually provide. Letting your computer run down to zero every month or so can recalibrate the battery’s circuitry, and keep your computer’s estimates of its remaining life accurate.

Don’t practice so-called deep discharges.

Most laptops will suspend operation if the battery drains too low. Even if your computer goes to sleep, though, most batteries that are in good working order will still have a reserve charge available. This reserve will hold the computer’s working memory in state for a little while. A deep discharge has occurred when even that percentage of reserve power is used up. The computer will have turned off completely, and sometimes you’ll notice that it will have lost track of the correct date and time. Deep discharges will strain your Dell precision m6400 Battery, so try to charge them frequently.

Avoid exposing your battery to heat (when possible).

Heat can overexcite the chemicals in your battery, shortening its overall lifespan. In fact, it’s been speculated that the biggest cause of early battery expiration is the heat that batteries can be exposed to when they’re stored in computers that are running off AC power. Laptops — especially modern multi-core machines — can get very hot when they’re plugged in, easily over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot enough that extended exposure will negatively affect your battery. If you want to be really protective, there’s nothing saying that you can’t pop the battery out of your laptop if you’re going to be within reach of a power outlet for a while.

There may be times that you can’t help but expose your battery to heat; you may live in a warm climate, for instance. You can, however, try and avoid exacerbating the issue. Make sure your digital camera  is well ventilated and that you’re not operating it on a surface that retains heat, even when you’re not plugged into mains power.

Store your batteries properly.

If your laptop or portable device isn’t going to be used for a while, you should remove its Lithium-Ion sony vgp-bps8 battery, if possible. Even if the battery can’t be separated from the device, it should be stored in a cool environment at about one-half charge. Cool temperature is recommended by experts because that can slow the natural discharge that batteries will undergo even when they’re disconnected from their device.

I’ve seen some people go even further and recommend that spare batteries be stored in the refrigerator. I don’t think this is a very good idea; I’m concerned about condensation that might build up. Don’t put your batteries on ice, but keep them out of the sun.

Ultimately, I believe that buying spare Li-Ion Battery is a losing game, because the batteries start degrading as soon as they’re manufactured. Usually those spare batteries spend most of their time sitting in a charger, losing useful life. If you need to be really mobile, you’re better off purchasing an adapter cable you can use with the power sources available in planes, trains, or autos. And, of course, by taking good care of the battery you already have.

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Laptop battery correct use and maintenance


Laptop battery correct use and maintenance

In 2006, the entire notebook industry is full of a keyword , is the battery . dell laptop battery While before , sporadic cell phone battery explosion , laptop computer battery explosion news , has more or less in the network and appeared in various media , but in 2006 Dell notebook battery fire , and several consecutive explosions , no doubt these stars Fire , fan into Negative effect and Precaution in one fell swoop .

Although after that, Sony have given nearly half of its annual profits ,Dell 6Y270 Battery, Dell 1X793 Battery, Dell C1295 Battery as these have exploded or unexploded laptop batteries full pay . But people still increase laptop battery for a new understanding : ” dangerous goods . ” In the Year of the Pig just started soon , ThinkPad and Sanyo joint recall for laptop batteries again in the spotlight as the focus of media and consumer focus , leaving all to use Sanyo battery notebook users into the new Of panic .
Why laptop battery will explode , we should be the proper use of laptop batteries , such as how to avoid an explosion incidents? Let’s take a look at what laptop battery is composed .

Laptop battery ‘s internal composition
This is a piece of notebook batteries, can be said to be very simple structure , the control circuit with a few pieces of lithium batteries . These lithium batteries look very much like we usually use AA batteries , of course, in fact they are not , which of the chemical composition and size are not the same, capacity is the existence of the gap magnitude . Although its appearance compared to our traditional AA batteries has not a small gap , but the study of its nature , is still a lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, Dell C1295 Battery we first look at lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery characteristics , and the use of To note .
Batteries and battery- 5 Comparison of normal
Lithium -ion (Li-ion) battery has a high unit power and lighter weight , while the memory effect is also far more popular before the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery is low, so for now , it can be said to absolute Mainstream . 6 degrees Celsius below the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries will self- discharge of 5% per month , the best preservation methods is to charge 40% of cold storage , Dell 6Y270 Battery, Dell 1X793 Battery, Dell C1295 Battery you can save up to ten years.

Principles of lithium-ion battery

As for the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery life , had very different views before , put deep charge deep , slow trickle charge are familiar , many users is the removal of battery to not use as much as possible . However, lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery life and charge cycles relation is not very large, its life is in 12-18 months. Note however that we can not on lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery discharge any depth , it is likely to cause the battery completely scrapped . Similarly, 40% of the charge was cold storage for three months or so should be removed to recharge and avoid self- discharge .

Lithium- ion battery chart
In addition, the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are also very sensitive to temperature at high temperature case, will drastically shorten its life with the possibility of an explosion ; while for 0 degrees or below the low temperature , its quite likely to be a strike , or even An end to their life . Thus for the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, high and low temperatures will bring no small problem , ranging impact battery life , weight is very likely to cause an explosion , a direct threat to the lives of users .
So how should laptop battery maintenance and use of it ?
1 . to avoid the use of laptop battery under high temperature
As mentioned above , Dell 1X793 Battery, high-temperature case laptop battery life will be seriously reduced , or even have a risk of explosion , so we should avoid using the laptop battery under high temperature , the heat as much as possible to improve the environment for notebook computers , notebook computers can not only extend Life , for there is not a small laptop battery help
2 . Try not to use the fast charge
In fact , currently has a fast charge technology , are international manufacturers . The birth of the technology for business people , whose role is obvious that business people try to save valuable time . But in fact, the fundamental principle of this technology is increasing charging voltage and current , will bring more heat to rapidly reduce the battery life , but also increase the risk of battery explosion . While a large number of international companies are designed to protect technology, but since last year ‘s laptop battery for several bombings is not difficult to see that these protective technology is not omnipotent, fast charge , or it can be avoided

Laptop Battery Common Questions and Answers


Laptop Battery Common Questions and Answers

We often set our sights on price, weight, figure and configuration when we purchase a new laptop. Battery is often ignored. In fact, battery and integral performance of a laptop are inseparable. Battery is as important as CPU, mainboard, hard disk etc. We list the tips and guideline below. Let’s get the most of your lithium laptop batteries.

1. How to charge your new replacement laptop battery properly?

Some laptops with lithium-ion batteries use technology of SBS brightness battery system, which can measure battery’s life accurately. Although lithium-ion battery has many merits, we still need to master some professional charge method to prolong battery’s life and made it maintain long time power supply. Your new HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery requires three complete charge/discharge cycles before use and achieving maximum capacity. It means the battery would have to be charged fully and then be discharged fully. Repeat it three times before starting to use the battery. By this way, battery’s internal chemical materials can be activated and its internal chemical reaction can come into the optimal state. After the activation, the battery can be charged and used freely. But the battery will have to be discharged completely once a month so that the battery activity can be released by such deep discharge and battery life can be maintained.
If battery is idle for over 3 months, it is also necessary to conduct 3 cycles of complete charge and dsicharge to ensure that the battery is activated. You must control the charge time commendably when you use a Ni-MH battery. Please remember not to overcharge continually, or it will shorten the battery’s life.

Furthermore, Ni-MH battery should be fully discharged before being charged. It also needs three complete discharge/ charge cycles before starting to use it. Most users are used to using Alternating Current instead of a battery for power supply when they use laptops. Actually the battery needs to be used at least once or twice per month to release the battery power completely. Then fully charge the battery with AC power once. Please remember that it is always good for rechargeable batteries to use up the battery power before giving them a full charge. Because the li-ion Dell inspiron 1525 Battery used by laptop has its own laziness and would lose its activeness when being idle for long time. It needs to be reactivated.

It is suggested to take out the battery from laptop when it uses AC power supply indoor to avoid having the battery get charged frequently. It is also suggested to shut down the laptop so that battery can be fully charged. Do not remove the AC power during charge.
In addition, the power of battery can easily be used up and most laptops have only one battery. For this reason, some manufacturers have developed a fast charge feature that enables the battery to replenish its power at the fastest pace after power draining up. One hour charge can give the battery back over 90% of its power. Why is not 100%? Because frequent fast 100% charge will greatly shorten the battery life. In order to prolong battery life, fast charge will have to be switched to slow charge(namely Constant Voltage charging method) when battery reaches 90% charge.

For a common laptop, the best charge method is to turn off the laptop when its battery is being charged. The charge time will be shortened by 30% by this method.

2.what’s the “memory effect” of battery? and how to clean out it?

Ni-cd batteries, and to a lesser extent Ni-MH batteries, suffer from what’s called the “memory effect”. What this means is that if a battery is repeatedly only partially discharged before recharging, the battery “forgets” that it has the capacity to further discharge all the way down.To illustrate: If you, on a regular basis, fully charge your CANON NB-7L Battery and then use only 50% of its capacity before the next recharge, eventually the battery will become unaware of its extra 50% capacity which has remained unused. The battery will remain functional, but only at 50% of its original capacity.
The way to avoid the dreaded “memory effect” is to fully cycle (fully charge and
then fully discharge) the battery at least once every two to three weeks. Batteries
can be discharged by unplugging the device’s AC adapter and letting the device
run on the battery until it ceases to function. This will insure your battery remains healthy.
Mh and Li-Ion batteries do not suffer the memory effect.

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