POD – Silverberry – 01-05-08
Laptop Battery

Image by macrotim
Still raining outside it’s been three days, the power has been off for over 24 hours, no computer, no internet…I stayed inside and used a mirror and then a headlamp flashlight to try to use my microscope while the power is still out. Took this one using the headlamp, and the remaining charge on my laptop’s battery. Kinda like the white balance of that light source, not accurate but aesthetically I like it…only 400x magnification this time…can’t wait till I get some new slides to explore…ups says it will be delivered Monday. Pricked my finger while taking apart a hand crank flashlight, so I took the blood and looked at it under the microscope, that was really interesting, had some water on my hands from washing it before putting the blood on the slide, so I got to watch the blood and water mix under the scope. Too bad I didn’t have the computer hooked up or I would have recorded the video.

Laptop Battery

Image by Kirsty Andrews
Day three hundred and fifty-five: Today was a chilled day. We had to wait inside for 3 hours for the electric to be checked so Jamie and I drained our laptops of battery! In the afternoon we had a bit of lunch and for tea we had stir fry and watched A Walk to Rememer which was a lovely film – but nothing like the book!!

Vintage collection 6
Laptop Battery

Image by ice_punyanin
Come back to life with Vintage collection 6 and Road Trip Photography. After no electricity all this evening I had limited time for editing ’till my laptop’s battery’s dead. Sadly I didn’t take many photos at the beautiful church. —

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