UPDATE 2: The AcerBook Pro 2.0 has been released! Here is a video of it: www.youtube.com This new revision brings many advances in performance and is fully compatible with Mac OS X Leopard. It also sports a completely new and even more sexy look! AcerBook Pro 2.0 has been updated to Snow Leopard: www.youtube.com UPDATE: This laptop has just been upgraded with a 1.2GHz Pentium III processor, 384MB RAM, and a new 80GB hard drive. No noticeable increase in Mac OS X performance has been detected. (And, I kinda busted the heatsink while installing the new CPU so this thing now overheats like CRAZY!!!) Introducing the new Apple AcerBook Pro! Here is Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger running on a 7-year-old Acer Aspire 1200, and it was the slowest thing EVER. The laptop has the following specs: Processor: Intel Pentium III 1GHz Memory: 256MB PC133 Hard Drive: 20GB 4200RPM (almost dead) Video: S3 Graphics Twister 8MB Optical Drive: 8x DVD-ROM Networking: Accton 10/100 Ethernet, Atheros 802.11b/g Wireless, 56k Modem Battery: Lithium Ion, 2hr Life If anyone knows how to speed this thing up, please tell me. When I called AppleCare about this issue, their response was: “So…uh…how are you running OS X on your Acer Aspire sir??!? Sir, now…now you know that you have called AppleCare, right??” Warning: This will probably be the most boring video you have ever seen. It is very long and boring, so please just enjoy my funny annotations :) (at least, I think they are funny; correct me if I am wrong

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