Dell: Inspiron 14R-N4010 Hard Drive Replace / Dis-assembly - Part 1

Dell: Inspiron 14R-N4010 Hard drive replace & dis-assembly. My first shot at a how to video. Figured it’d be fun. Not entirely too enthused about how it turned out, I see where I could have done a lot better, and will hope to improve upon in future repair videos. I know. Probably could have done without some crude & foul commentary. But what can I do to inject my own style into my own videos? Also, I do see a few too many repair videos that have no commentary. Music, silence, or written word. As well as, lack dialogue about small details or warnings to watch out for while doing a repair on laptops, which could possibly be easier to destroy, than they are to fix. I do hope this proved to helpful in your repair endeavors. Views & opinions are of my own & do not reflect those of my employer. —————————————————————- Original Youtube Channel: Google+: Twitter: Tumblr: Game Trading Zone

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