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About 2 weeks ago, the power went out at night, just as B was finishing up on the potty. It was very dramatic because we had lots of lights on while we were getting ready for bed, along with the noisy air conditioner. Really suddenly, it was extremely dark and quiet, except for the sound of thunder and crazy wind. B was a little freaked out & it didn’t help that the window in the bathroom was open, so the thunder, punctuated by random lightning flashes, was especially loud while the wind blew the curtain so hard that it was horizontal.

Just when your 3 year old is getting comfortable with the potty situation is not such a great time for such weather drama – well, that’s what I thought anyway, but it didn’t seem to affect him in that way at all, thank goodness.

We were able to calm him down with our stash of crank-operated flash lights and my laptop, which had plenty of battery power. It didn’t take long for him to settle into bed and fall asleep.

Since that night, B has been telling everyone he sees, "The power went out!" It really had an impact on him, apparently.

Today there were lots of scattered storms, though there wasn’t really any thunder or lightning as far as we could see, just a lot of wind and rain.

At noon, the power went out for a split second – long enough for the lights to turn off and then come right back on again. B was once again completely wowed by it and proclaimed that "The power went out and I couldn’t see the puzzle!" which I’m sure he’ll be telling everyone even though, despite the cloudiness, it was still noontime and there was plenty of daylight.

After the first couple storms, it was muggy, but by the end of the day, the wind brought through some cool air. D brought the boys outside to stomp in the puddles.

Bisnonno has the best puddles among the 3 houses, so the boys played in those for a little bit, and then moved on to helping my dad wash his truck and then playing with some huge bubble wands with my parents.

My pic of the day is B running through my favorite puddle in Bisnonno’s driveway. It’s the biggest puddle, and I still remember playing in it when I was B’s age.

Laptop Battery

Image by nalsa

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