In the October 16 episode of Hitler Didi, Zara feels awkward when Munna burps after eating his meal. While playing, Indu and Seher accidently break a toy. The toy is the same toy wherein a goon had hid a chip inside it. Indu and Seher are left confused when they find the chip. They immediately inform Ishaan about it. Later, Indu informs Zara that she found a chip inside the toy which she brought from Mumbai. Zara realises that the terrorist are after Indu as she had the chip with her. While loading the chip, the power fails. Zara gets apprehensive when she realises that the laptop would switch off as it had very little battery life. In the midst of darkness, a certain person robs the chip. He plays the chip on his laptop and informs his aide that on Dasheera night they would have multiple bomb blasts all around Delhi including Chandni Chowk. Later, Zara gets apprehensive when she realises that the chip is missing. Meanwhile, an imposter who is addressing himself as Vanraj Mishra from Banaras arrives in Sharma Niwas. The imposter gets apprehensive when Zara tries to enquire with him about his whereabouts. Watch latest “Hitler Didi” Episodes on
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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