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Buick – Testing and Charging Delco Freedom Batteries (1987)


This video, taken from Buick’s Know-how Series (KH-92), discusses how to test and charge Delco Freedom batteries.

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The Amiga 2000 Computer (1987)


Here is the computer I always wanted. I threw out my DOS-based PC in favor of the Amiga 500 (see story & demo elsewhere in my listings). So before the Mac Digital Video models came out, THIS was the one to buy. The Commodore Amiga 2000, or A2000, was released in 1987 (around the same time as the low-end high-volume model A500). Although aimed at the high-end market it was technically very similar to the A500, so similar in fact that the A2000B revision was outright based on the A500 design. What the A2000 had over the A500 was a bigger case with room for five Zorro II proprietary expansion slots, two 16-bit ISA slots, a CPU upgrade slot, and a battery-backed clock. It should also be noted that, like the Amiga 1000 and unlike the Amiga 500, the A2000 came in a desktop case with a separate keyboard. The case was more PC-like than the A1000, lacking the space beneath for the keyboard. The A2000 was eventually succeeded by the Amiga 3000 in 1990. Step back twenty years and see the future with the Amiga 2000 computer!
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Christmas Shopping 1987: Computer, Video Game and Gadget Gift Guide


Vintage Christmas Films ? ? DVD ? http ? MUSIC ? ? Do you believe in Santa Claus? Click here! ? Here’s a Christmas Shopping Guide to help you find the perfect gift for the special nerd in your life, from Computer Chronicles … however, it’s almost 23 years old. So it might be a little outdated. I’m not sure. Gary Kildall shows us the Sony Picture Computer to add images to your VCR movies! Scribble some crap on the screen and color it. Superimpose your work of art and you’ll be the hottest thing on YouTube! if only YouTube existed! Only 0! Wall Street stock market crashed in October 1987 , and selling IBM and software like WordPerfect, Draw Plus, Chuck Yeager’s Flight Instruction and Test Drive Accolade are flying off the shelves! 75% of sales are games. Now we get to the hot items that you will definitely want in your stocking this year how about the Byline desktop publishing software for only 0? Or the perfect software for your 3.5″ and 5.25″ drives, the Laplink with a bunch of cables for only 0? And you just got to get “HIggins”, your perfect productivity software for your “portable” 100lb laptop the size of a sewing machine! Who the hell needs a blackberry with this thing?! Great software for only #200! Then you have the nifty Complete hand scanner from “Complete PC” to scan your Garry Larson Far Side cartoons! You can actually scan paper and it magically appears on your computer! Only 9! Now we’re
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