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Notebook Battery

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What’s inside my bag?
Notebook Battery

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What’s inside my bag! (a blogger challenge)

* 1. Humo: a weekly magazine, comes out every Tuesday, good reading material for bus / train, and is where I first read of SL®!

* 2. Thin black pen: I always try to carry one of these along for writing, but they’re also excellent “for a quick sketch” in case I get an idea

* 3. Deodorant spray: I think all guys should always have one of these along (I know male sweat can smell delicious, but that really depends on the situation, srsly!)

* 4. Phone: it’s almost 3 yrs old now, but still works!

* 5. USB stick: I put it in there once, never took it out again I guess

* 6. 2 perfume “samples”: I don’t know why I keep them in there, but I don’t feel like taking them out of the bag… I keep thinking they might be handy “if I ever need to go somewhere right after work” (and can’t freshen up first)

* 7. Wallet nr. 1: the main one, for every day use

* 8. Digital camera bag: has some extra batteries in the front pocket… tho they’re more dead then recharged (my bad, I know)

* 9. Headphones: I can’t use those little earplugs cuz they never stay in my ears (besides that > it looks übercool imho and it keeps my ears warm!)

* 10. 2008 journal: I don’t really use it as a journal, but more as a notebook / sketchbook / shopping list pad / etc… it also holds a lot of paper I should be filing in folders and stuff, but… you know ;)

* 11. Key strap: does it show how much I like red stuff?

* 12. Water: cuz I wanna “re-Vittel-ize” myself! :D

* 13. MP3 charger: I need to take ths along, cuz the MP3 is turning 4 y/o soon, and sorta needs to be recharged on a daily basis (if I decide to buy an Apple battery puter next month, I might try to get an iPod while I’m at it… if I have enough cash left)

* 14. MP3: life is music!

* 15. Umbeh-ella: if you’re in .be and decide to go outside without one, there’s a high risk you’ll regret that choice!

* 16. Wallet nr. 2: I needed a 2nd one for all those membership cards, contact cards, etc…

* 17. Winter flaphat: cuz it’s cold outside!

Not shown: a handkerchief (cuz I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see that!)

In my bag…
Notebook Battery

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