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Computer Batteries

Image by mark sebastian
Here’s a little view of my home/work environment.

Strobist Info: 580EX hidden behind monitor
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Update 11/09/08:

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Computer Batteries

Image by Aaron Edwards
This morning it was my glasses. They had fallen behind the small sofa because of I set them down in a precarious place – again.

I spend far too many minutes searching for things that I misplace. This image details what I can’t find most often; glasses, keys, stylus, any damn pen, rechargeable batteries and nail clippers.

Once, I even lost my mind.

I wear glasses for reading – not all of the time – just when my eyes get weary. When I’m not busy looking for them, I’m usually straining to see through them until my vision is so bad/obstructed that they must be cleaned. I really don’t understand how they get so dirty. I’ve often wanted to record myself while wearing them in front of the computer to see how I manage to get them covered with fingerprints.

I also have a knack for loosing the screws that hold the arms to the frame. I had 3 pair of glasses around the house – 1 pair I cannot find, the second lost a screw as did the pair I am using now. I was able to repair this pair using the remaining screw from the other.

As I write this I realize I also tend to loose buttons, frequently and one sock.

Dinner has arrived!
Computer Batteries

Image by headharbourlight
What glue keeps the Head Harbour lighthouse group together? FOOD!!!

I have lots more photos to load, but have to wait for a new computer battery to come in. Only a day or two more for new photos of the seawall work!

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