ASUS G73 Laptop Notebook Gaming I7 with 5870 Mobile

As the title says, and if you know anything about laptops, this is the best value for your money. Alienware can’t touch this for the price. Comes with a: I7 720QM 1.6-2.5Ghz 6GB DDR3 1333FSB 500 GB 7200 Hard-Drive Radeon 5870 Mobile 1 GB DDR5 :) 17.3 Screen Stylish design, and great airflow NO NOISE FROM FANS 1.3 MP Camera Backlit Keyboard DONT complain about specs being wrong, there are different versions. Any questions, just ask. IT RUNS AMAZING!!!!! Thanks, Roger UPDATE(April 3, 2011): Still runs great, just sent to ASUS due to power cord/charger breaking(My Fault). Pushed on inlet into computer at some point and broke it. Asus is repairing it free of charge due to it coming with a 1 year warranty. BTW, you can bring it to Best Buy and have them send it in free of charge. Best buy is who Asus uses to have send out the laptop repairs. Asus g73 G73x laptop notebook fast gaming rig jet fighter f17 turbo twin overclock unboxing unbox box “Mobile Game” Computer Gameplay Ati Nvidia Core “ATI Technologies” Drive Amd Ram Graphics Windows Geforce “Mobile Phone” Duo Monitor Mod Quad Setup Ultra Dual Usb Cpu Radeon Acer Settings Desktop Computers Memory Games Case Card Custom Build Extreme Review Sli Benchmark Digital Samsung Aspire Screen Hdd Fps 720p Toshiba “Crysis Warhead” G74 G75 G76 sx
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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