Click on the link to go to our product page. Compatible with these laptop battery part numbers: 934T2007F BT.00303.014 BT.00303.015 BT.00304.001 BT.00304.003 BT.00305.009 BT.00307.013 BT.00307.014 BT.00307.015 BT.00307.016 BT.00307.017 BT.00603.081 BT.00603.083 BT.00603.088 BT.00603.094 BT.00603.104 BT.00604.031 BT.00604.033 BT.00605.039 BT.00607.074 BT.00607.075 BT.00607.076 BT.00607.087 BT.00607.088 BT.00607.113 LC.BTP00.049 LC.BTP00.059 UM09A31 UM09A41 UM09A71 UM09A73 UM09A75 UM09B31 UM09B34 UM09B71 UM09B73 UM09B7C UM09B7D ZA3 ZG8 Fits these laptop models: Aspire One 531H Aspire One 532H Aspire One 751H Aspire One P531H Aspire One P531H 531H-1077 531H-1729 531H-1766 751H-1021 751H-1080 751H-1211 751H-1259 751H-1273 751H-1279 751H-1346 751H-1351 751H-1401 751H-1522 751H-1534 751H-1611 751H-1893 751H-1948 AO531H AO531H-1077 AO531H-1729 AO531H-1766 AO751H AO751H-1021 AO751H-1080 AO751H-1145 AO751H-1153 AO751H-1192 AO751H-1196 AO751H-1211 AO751H-1259 AO751H-1273 AO751H-1279 AO751H-1346 AO751H-1351 AO751H-1373 AO751H-1378 AO751H-1401 AO751H-1442 AO751H-1522 AO751H-1534 AO751H-1545 AO751H-1611 AO751H-1885 AO751H-1893 AO751H-1948 AOP531H AOP531H-1791 LU.S650B.322 LU.S650B.412 LU.S650D.083 LU.S780Y.002 LU.S8506.005 LU.S9206.092 Aspire One 531H Aspire One 751H Aspire One P531H P531H-1791 Z3 Z8 LT3103U LT3114U
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