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Build your own A123 RC receiver pack


This video shows you how to build a 2-cell A123 receiver pack for your RC model airplanes. A123 batteries are the very best option for modern 2.4GHz RC systems because they provide plenty of voltage headroom and astonishing current-handling capabilities. They’re also far safer than lipos, have no “memory” and won’t be destroyed if you accidentally run them completely flat. Using this video as a guide, you can build your own super-good A123 receiver pack for around US. I use these 1100mAH packs in my glow-powered models up to 1.20 cubic inches (20cc) and also any gliders larger than a DLG. For bigger IC models, you can use the 2300mAH A123 cells and the same techniques. A 2S 2300mAH A123 pack can be used in planes as large as a 55cc gaser with two 2300mAH packs (fed through two switch harnesses) capable of powering even a 40% model. You can discuss this project in the comments on this video or in the RCModelReviews forums at: Here are the sources of the materials used in this video: A123 cells (wait on the page for the best price pop-up): Heat-shrink (large and small): Balance leads: or
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LiFePo4 A123 Systems, best rechargeable Battery 18650 for EV, Solar, Wind and more.


LiFePo4 A123 Systems. This is today the best rechargeable Battery for EV, Solar, Wind and more. I have purchased this 18650 3.3V or(3.2V) 1100mA battery on eBay for about 0.6$ /Wh including shipping. In large quantities probably over 1KWh you can get this at even lower price/Wh For now this are probably the best battery for almost any application if compared price vs performance. They are much safer than other Lithium batteries and will not explode or burn.
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GM volt Lithium battery – Crush test with A123 vs LG Chem


After watching many crush test about lithium cells for EV, i decided to do my own test when i saw that Backhoe-Loaders in my street. I asked the guy and e accepted… for the science…. In this video you can se two different cells having torture when crushed with this 10 tons loader. The A123 is a lithium ironphosphate.. one of the best lithium cells on the market, and an 2 LG Chem lithium cobalt cells found in many laptop computer. The A123 measured 3.32V and the LG Chem shown 3.9V befor ethe test. The A123 was the first choice for the GM volt until LG chem had the contract. The Cobalt LG chem cell have 2200mAh and the A123 Ironphosphate have 2300mAh. When i did that test i attempted to see a big fire, flames and smoke and pop on the LG Chem cells… and nothing on the A123.. or maybe just some smoke… Finally that turned out differently !! For more info on the LIthium cells tests for electric bike, moto and car, bisit this adress:

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A123 Worlds Smallest VS. “Strongest” 12V Jumpstart battery


In this video i finally decided to show you how IMPRESSIVE are these A123 cells. During the test, when the starter ran for about 2-3sec, the current reached 230A. The GM volt wanted to use the same A123 brand and chemistry of these cells. I never saw any smaller booster pack than this one that i built.. even though i searched on the www or in any stores.. so i believe that this is probably the most compact and powerfull boostpack in the world… They dont need to be plugged like 10 or 15 minutes like many “booster” conected to lighter plug…. This one can quick boost in less than 30sec.. just the time to connect it.. no need to wait! For those who ask about battery mixing.. there is no problem.. their charge voltage is 14.4V (3.6V/cells) and this is the same common voltage of any alternator charging voltage. their charge and discharge profile (graph curve) one of the most similar than SLA (lead acid)… Nicad or NiMh can not do that… they can explode… the A123 can not explode.. just search about: “A123 Nail test” on youtube you will see… they are SAFE battery.. no toxic.. no fire… In this voideo i’m not trying to sale them.. I repeat: I just want to show people that the NEW Lithium battery are far away from the last that explode (Sony lithium cobalt.. like on the laptop or cellphone..) Like for the SAFT battery, the army is using them too. I know these A123 cells perfectly cause i tested them and i know every of their caracteristics. Just ask.. that will be a
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