4400mah 6cell Battery For Asus A52jc Asus A52jc A52ju Notebook Using Tips
As far as possible hard work at low temperature: When the hard work of the internal above a certain temperature, it will deform due to high temperature, then the disc may lead to increased friction on the motor and other problems will also increase the hard disk the chance of error.
Tips on ASUS A52JC Battery there are many, in fact, we here only for some of the more common use usually to correct errors, careful users may also find more tips, all in all, the more carefully you use, laptop computers will The more stable work for you.
Long life batteries
Following a short-lived to say the king is the battery, some domestic brands of notebook computer battery is poor legends, and some even took half a year before it broke. Really is the notebook makers fault? Let us questions about manufacturers put aside. Did you know that some bad habits in terms of battery is very bad, may directly cause Genuine 6Cell ASUS A52JT Battery to short time in the past come to an end, then we need to pay attention to what use?
1. Try to let the battery run out then charge, charge must be filled and then: Although laptops now use lithium, the memory effect weakened, but the bad habits will make it shorter life expectancy.
2. Do not charge the battery in the rain: rainy days are often thunder, lightning caused by the current moment in terms of impact on the battery is extremely unfavorable.
3. Regular battery maintenance: If you can not guarantee to use every time a thorough clean and recharge the battery, then at least a month to carry out a standard charge and discharge (ie, clean and re-filled after the release of full), or regular Use BIOS ASUS A52JU Battery calibration feature built-in maintenance, so that the battery life is very good.

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