N800: Micro Laptop for Airplane
Laptop Batteries

Image by Qole Tech
When on a long trans-Atlantic flight, it can be very difficult to use a laptop on the tiny tables provided, especially once the person in front of you reclines their seat. This is where the Internet Tablet comes in! It fits comfortably on the table, has enough battery power for hours of use (and even more, if you use a battery pack like the one seen on the right), and can run most applications needed to get the job done.

Laptop Batteries

Image by markuz
This is my laptop, I was cleaning it up. I know, those Guys from DELL will not give suppor, but however they wheren’t.

after-market battery – _MG_8684
Laptop Batteries

Image by sean dreilinger
this laptop is up for bid on ebay

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view after-market battery – _MG_8684 on a black background.

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