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Safety Alert 1: LiPo batteries


Safety Alert 1: LiPo batteries

This video shows the high risks with charging damaged Lithium Polymer batteries.
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How to Automatically Alert Your Family Members When Your Battery Down?


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Crap From Bag Alert


Crap From Bag Alert
Laptop Battery

Image by neuro
Schtuff from my bag, sans laptop and mouse – check out the notes for more info.

Laptop Stickers 01
Laptop Battery

Image by ghindo
…after. There’s still some empty space, as you can see – any suggestions for stickers?

What’s in my iBook laptop bag – for real? With Flickr notes…
Laptop Battery

Image by Earl – What I Saw 2.0
Open this photo, and you open my Mac bag! Man, was this ever the beginning of some house cleaning for this bag . . .

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