Eng 101 – Annotating Images
Computer Battery

Image by nooccar
An exercise is Identity, annotation, and analysis. This is how to read a picture, where I took everything from my work bag, laid it all out on the table and took a photo. I then annotated every item from my bag (I think I got everything). I just wish we could retain the notes when we embed the photo outside of Flickr.

Mobile Computing
Computer Battery

Image by Chris Fritz
My Acer Aspire’s battery no longer holds a long enough charge for my uses. I can buy a comparable battery and hope for two more years of good life for . Or I can buy a bigger batter that should give at least 50% more life, so after two years, I should still get a decent charge. This is for 0. The only drawback is that the battery adds about an inch to the back of the laptop.

I’ve considered getting an Eee PC. Back then, I didn’t see any with a DVD drive, and prices were quickly jumping up higher than pre-prelease hyped prices.

Acer now has its "Timeline" laptop, boasting an eight hour lifetime (with minimal computer settings, of course, such as dimmest screen). ASUS’s Eee line is up to 8.5 hour, 9.5 hour, and 10.5 hour claims. The Timelines have weights similar to the Eee line. However, Eee offerings lack a DVD drive.

Timelines are upwards of 0. The 0 Eee 1004DN, which is the model with a DVD drive, seems to be sold only in Taiwan at this time. 0 is a little under what I paid for my current laptop. It would be nice to have something a little lighter, and something I don’t have to charge while I’m at work (although I may still need to take my charger in case I use the laptop at work, but it’s rare that I use it there).

For 0, I gain what should be longer battery life, and still need to recharge twice a day. For 0, I may only need to recharge nightly, and I could maybe resell my current laptop for 0 to 0. (Weak battery, scratches on the cover, fan’s been manually replaced, which required taking everything apart, and a couple of plastic place-holders broke, with some screws leftover afterwards…maybe 0 is closer to a sell price?) That makes it maybe 0 + shipping, if I can sell the old laptop on Craigslist.

I need to check the battery life without playing a DVD, and see what it gets. I’d like to know how soon I need to decide something; will the battery make it for NaNoWriMo (which I’m totally unprepared for)?

Considering my PC’s total cost (including monitor) has been maybe 0 to 0 over the past eight or nine years, to consider buying a new laptop for such a price is a difficult thought to process. And I’ve been needing to buy more RAM for my PC since I started doing photo management and editing. Maybe I should look into that as well.

Mark Prisk
Computer Battery

Image by bisgovuk
Business Minister Mark Prisk with David Sadler and Debbie Reed of Steatite – a leading supplier of specialist battery packs, industrial computer hardware and rugged notebooks for use in mission-critical environments..

Part of a showcase at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, to highlight the design and manufacturing excellence of the British security industry.

The global security market is expanding at an annual rate of around five per cent, and UK companies, with £1.51 billion worth of exports in 2009/10 are well placed to take advantage of the growing opportunities

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