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HP DV6 Take Apart/Disassembly for CPU FAN Replacement


In this video I take apart an HP DV6 ( DV6-2088DX ) laptop to replace the CPU Fan and heatsink. Table of Contents: Removal of Battery 0:10 Hard Drive HDD: 0:59 RAM Memory 1:10 CDRom Drive 1:29 Power Button Assembly 1:39 Keyboard 1:43 Display assembly 2:42 Laptop Case 3:35 Motherboard: 4:00 Heat Sink Processor Cooling Fan 4:08 Cleaning Processor and Heat Sink 4:35 Applying Thermal Cooling Paste 4:43 If you are having problems with your laptop I can help! We have been doing free estimates since 2000. Send me a message or check out our website at
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Acer Aspire Take Apart/Disassembly


In this video I replace the broken power port in a Acer Aspire-3680-2682 (DC Socket USB Board Replace) Table of Contents Removal of: Battery 0:10 RAM Memory 0:26 Hard Drive HDD 1:10 Wireless LAN WLAN 1:18 Power Button Assembly 2:25 Keyboard 2:36 Display Assembly 3:05 CDRom Drive 3:34 Laptop Case 4:15 Motherboard 4:38 DC Jack/USB board 5:05 If you are having issues with your laptop, I can help! We have been doing Free Estimates since 2000. Let me know in the comments below or check out
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