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Barbecue Area


Barbecue Area
Laptop Battery

Image by ashkyd
It’s dark, I’ve been kicked out of the common area (glowng blobl in the bottom left) because it shuts at minight. It’s only twenty-five to in eastern standard time, damn it.

Yeah, I’m out here until the battery in my laptop dies, at which point I’m going to probably go to bed.

I’m up at 7 tomorrow (6 AM AEST) to pick up a rental (possible haggle over the no-show fee since I clearly did show up but they’d left early), and drive to Bermagui.

Dead on Arrival – Actually just unconscious
Laptop Battery

Image by James Morrison
My new N95 straight from Vodafone, initially I thought it just had a long boot time, but the Nokia logo never came off the screen apart from switching to the Vodafone symbol for a brief period when you don’t touch it.

It won’t even switch off without removing the battery and my laptop doesn’t recognise anything has been plugged in when I connect the USB cable.

My first non Orange phone, not a great experience.

Having experienced the problems of a Sony Ericcson P990 I know there can be significant problems with high end phones. But it just feels as if there isn’t enough quality assurance going on.

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Food preparation area of the Hilton Garden Inn Suite


Food preparation area of the Hilton Garden Inn Suite
Computer Battery

Image by AvgeekJoe
There’s a microwave, coffee machine and a refrigerator. Just as important a two socket outlet with one socket available to plug in a camera battery charger!
Below is my submitted review to TripAdvisor verbatim:

Came to Hilton Garden Inn Seattle North on a Friday for a visit to the Trip Advisor ® Certificate of Excellence winning Future of Flight Museum, the Collings Foundation B-17 ride and the subsequent Saturday Flying Heritage Collection American Airpower Fly Day… very happy I did, got a lot of value for money for an avgeek vacation. The service was great, the sleep was legendary, the food tasted good and I was treated right.

See I came in off of a Skagit Transit County Connector + taxi connection to the hotel and was allowed to stash my bag until I could check into a suite. As documented in the photos, the suite was rather spacious and very clean. I had access to a microwave, coffee machine, refrigerator and a bathroom plus if I choose a nice desk.

Really, truly appreciate the great service from the complimentary shuttle from the hotel to Historic Flight for my B-17 ride. Since the comms to the shuttle to return me were fumbled and I had to wait, I received a complimentary fish & chips dinner. The fish was okay, the fries/chips were great as was the service in the hotel restaurant.

After more photo taking and a stop into the business center (no fee to use their computer to use the Internet briefly), I went up to my suite for the evening. The view from the hotel of the Boeing flightline and the Future of Flight was amazing. The adjustable sleep was so good my cell phone alarm didn’t wake me, only the hotel wake-up call service (free) did eight plus hours later.

Decided to hop down to the restaurant for a small cup of coffee, a buttermilk pancake & bacon breakfast. The food was so good, I didn’t stop to take a picture until well over half done with my meal.

Finally, I checked out of the hotel and after a hold was released, I received a kind complimentary shuttle to the Flying Heritage Collection for their Fly Day. Took many great photos.

Overall, no issues with the hotel. Best of the best… please if you can, stay here and be kind to the staff.

where do we go from here?
Computer Battery

Image by timsnell
i still haven’t really looked through my photos from my trek to colca canyon, but i have imported them onto my computer. working backwards, this was one of the last photos i took on my final day. i had already exhausted three camera batteries, mainly by taking long exposure night shots, so i had to resort to my backup camera. after spending the early hours ascending 1km we stopped in this small town for a few minutes. the town clearly catered for tourists and it had colourful llamas and tamed eagles for people to have photos with. maybe i’m affected by my animal volunteering experience but for me it’s a fine line between exploiting an eagle on string and a dancing bear. and bears aren’t for dancing. instead i had a colca sour – an even sourer pisco sour made with cactus fruit – and quietly judged.

here’s the original

Pimp my Car System
Computer Battery

Image by tiexano
Faller’s "Car System" consists of battery-powered road vehicles that drive over a invisible magnet rail under the road. They also have lights. Not good enough for the Wunderland.
They pimp each vehicle with an infra-red interface that switches the light on and off in reference to the daylight and works the indicators and break lights, also siren and blue light on emergency vehicles.
The cars aren’t bound on the same route at all btw. The computer generates an autonomous route for every car, considering traffic lights, road blocks and other cars. There are also two speed traps including tiny digital displays to indicate the speed. Cars that are to fast actually stop and get a ticket.

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