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ArmA on ASUS N10J A1 (ultraportable / notebook / netbook … whatever!)


A non-overclocked ASUS N10J-A1 running ArmA: Armed Assault. Mission name is ‘Into Enemy Territory’. Notice that N10J is on battery; Turbo mode of P4G Hybrid …

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ARMA 2 OA: ACE 2 Artillery Demonstration


A short video demonstrating the use of Artillery in ARMA 2 OA using the ACE artillery. It involves original call for fire up to destruction of the target. Apologies for the bad spelling. As requested the units placed in the editor are as follows: The Gun – ACE Arty Howitzers / ACE M119 [US Army] The HMMV – Ace Arty Equipment / Battery Computer HMMV [US Army] The Ammo Boxes – Ace Ammunition (Arty) / 105mm Ammo M1 HE w/Fuze M782

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