How to use laptop batteries(4)

Laptop battery use and maintenance
Speaking from the battery materials , batteries currently used in notebook computers are three main points : 1 . nickel- chromium batteries , 2. Ni-MH battery , 3. lithium battery ; they are generally expressed as : dell laptop battery Nickel cadmium NI-CD, Ni-MH NI- MH, lithium LI.

1 , the activation of a new battery

Manufacturers common practice is a new laptop battery at the first boot with 3% of electricity should be , Dell 1691P Battery, Dell 75UYF Battery, Dell 5081P Battery,Dell Inspiron 700m Battery, then , should first do not use an external power supply , but in the remainder of the battery power is used up, until the shutdown, howeverAfter charging with external power supply . And also the battery is exhausted and then charge , charge time must be more than 12 hours , repeated three times to activate the battery .

2, to minimize the number of battery

The number of battery charge and discharge directly to the life of a single battery charge , battery on a step forward to retirement . Suggest that you use an external power supply , use an external power supply when the battery removed . Often several times a day if the power plug , and notebook computers with batteries, greater damage to the battery . Because each time access is equivalent to an external power supply to charge the battery once the battery life shortened by a naturally .

3, battery charge and avoid exhaustion after long charging time

Whether to use lithium or NiMH laptop power , be sure to fully charge after exhaustion ( power less than 1% ),Dell Inspiron 700m Battery, which is the best way to avoid the memory effect . Lithium also have memory effect , but it is the memory effect than Ni-MH small number of only up to the battery completely before using the complete charge to it . Part of the charge and discharge the battery which could lead to the chemical properties of the batteries are inconsistent , so the battery performance will back down .
Recommended every few months to conduct a deep discharge battery to optimize battery performance. Specific approach is to use battery power , battery capacity has been used to 0% ( this time the system will automatically enter hibernation or standby , set according to different BIOS ) . Then connected to the AC charger has been full of up to 100% .

After a long period of storage battery , and battery has a natural discharge process , the natural discharge has been finished , this does not affect battery capacity. The first charge , you should continuously charge the battery to 12 hours , and cycle to fully charge and discharge three times (see Battery Maintenance 1 ) to completely wake up a new battery , if this battery is stored for months without Use , the proposed three times its full charge and discharge . If a battery after 12 consecutive hours , or after the charging and discharging cycle three times still can not charge , can not use this battery needs replacing.
Enlightened:Eight out of laptop battery maintenance errors

In the notebook computer, battery is a matter of love-hate of the parts, Dell 1691P Battery, Dell 75UYF Battery, Dell 5081P Battery,Dell Inspiron 700m Battery, it gives the ability to use mobile notebook PCs , but continued to work frequently compared to days or even a week of phone and MD, notebook battery time remains a matter of gear If the phone ‘s battery can only use 8 hours , people will be reviled , but this results in the laptop which is already outstanding proud to say that the fastest notebook computer slow components ,Dell 5081P Battery in addition to the keyboard should turn the battery on , And so there is such a joke :

Intel is through investment and technology involved in supporting new battery technologies , “For us, in the 1990s, lithium batteries have been good enough , ” Intel’s Mooly Eden , director of mobile platforms marketing, said , ” to improve the battery as the young teens The relationship between people and nature , like : Everyone talks about , but no one did . “

Battery maintenance has been a hot topic for laptop users , but many in fact that the error inside the final analysis, comes from two aspects , one is ” thinking does not keep up with the NiMH batteries to lithium batteries change , ” it is more Funny , from the phone, because the phone is the first contact most users use the device repeatedly rechargeable batteries , so will be taken for granted some of the phone used to extend to the notebook body .

I do not intend to cultivate the majority of notebook users into experts, it is not necessary , I just want to fall into the error of some of the most easy to clarify , and give the correct perspective and practices.