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How to make your laptop tell you the battery’s about to go


Just a quick tutorial, this is already set as default for windows to tell you th batery’s low, critical, or just out right drained!!!
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THE BATTERY’S DOWN: Episode 1, Part 1 “The Big Apple”


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Maximizing Your Laptop Battery?s Life


Maximizing Your Laptop Battery?s Life

Like most technology these days, batteries – specifically laptop batteries – have a relatively short lifespan.  However, not because their “options” have become obsolete, as is the case with many “gadgets” available in the marketplace, but rather, because they simply do not last.  Generally speaking, manufacturers warranties for notebook batteries ranges from three to twelve months; a lithium ion laptop battery can last anywhere from two to four years.  For any battery, however, the correct use and proper storage of it can significantly extend its life.  Some tips for the proper care of your laptop battery are listed below.

1.    Check your “battery charge” settings on your laptop.  Many of us, while using our laptop at home, have our settings so that we are “charging-while-working.”  Change this!  When your laptop is plugged in, and you are working on it for hours, the battery is constantly charging; this will shorten your battery’s life!

2.    According to Apple, lithium batteries should be charged “early and often”, verses allowing them to drain completely.  For the purpose of battery wear, several “partial charge cycles” count as one full cycle charge; your battery should still have approximately 80% capacity after the equivalent of 500 full charge cycles;

3.    In order to preserve your battery – particularly if you do not use your laptop often, it is a good idea to keep it charged up to 40%.  (Never store a laptop battery that is fully charged!  This will significantly reduce its lifespan.);

4.    Proper storage of your battery is essential to lengthening its useful life.  Wrap your battery with a clean cloth and store it in a place where it will remain undisturbed by light, heat or water.  Although most batteries work just fine under tropical conditions, the heat also causes them to age prematurely. (It goes without saying that leaving your laptop in a hot, parked car does not help to extend its battery life, either!) Keeping your stored battery cool (optimum temperature: between 50-90°F) and dry is a must for battery preservation!  (Some people even store their batteries in the refrigerator; that’s up to you!);

5.    While storing your battery for both protection and longevity is a good idea, there is such as thing as “overstoring” your battery!  Whether or not it is in use, your laptop battery ages; (time stops for no one – or no thing!)  So, DO use your battery at least once a month to “keep the electrons flowing!”

6.    Additionally, once a month, allow your laptop battery to totally discharge; this will extend its lifespan.  Once your battery is completely empty, charge it to an electric outlet;

Sadly, nothing lasts forever; including your laptop battery!  But there are steps you can take to extend the useful life of your battery.  Just remember, the two aging factors you must be most diligent about are the temperature (keep it cool) and the fully-charged battery.

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5 Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery’s Life


5 Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery’s Life

5 Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery’s Life


There’s been a lot of talk recently about toshiba satellite a60 battery life — we told you, for example, about how some folks thought Windows 7 was misreporting laptop battery levels, but in reality it appears that the OS is simply accurately indicating battery wear, so you can be better informed about when to replace the battery.


Your laptop battery, you see, starts losing capacity as soon as you drive it off the lot, and after a year or two you might need to get a new battery just to get an hour or two away from an outlet.


So what steps can you take to make the battery last as long as possible? Mind you, I’m not talking about optimizing the runtime on a single charge. I am talking about getting as much mileage as possible from a battery before you have to replace it just to get a reasonable runtime out of each charge. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your laptop battery:



1. Keep your laptop battery cool. Batteries degrade more quickly when they’re hot. That means you should keep vents clear — don’t put your laptop on a fluffy pillow or a cushioned surface that will cover vents and trap heat.


2. Don’t pack your laptop away in a backpack or other enclosed space when the battery is still warm, trapping the heat. A battery that’s frequently hot to the touch will lose life a lot faster than a battery that isn’t constantly being stressed. Worst of all: If your laptop crashes or refuses to shut off properly, the battery can get extremely hot when packed away in your bag. Check it to make sure it hasn’t gotten dangerously hot while stowed away over the weekend.


3. Don’t charge your laptop constantly. If you only occasionally take your laptop away from a power outlet, but leave it plugged in to charge 24/7, you’re leaving your laptop in a state of perpetual charge at the 100% point — and that is bad for the battery’s long-time health.


4. If you tend to use your laptop mainly at your desk, exercise your laptop battery by running it down and recharging it once or (even better) twice a month.


5. Alternately, you might want to physically remove the laptop battery if you’re using the laptop at your desk for long stretches of time. If you do remove it, don’t store it in a fully charged or depleted state. It’s best to store it in the middle — between 40 and 50 percent of full charge.

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using laptop battery’s Tips and Tricks


using laptop battery’s Tips and Tricks

Laptops are by definition, portable computers. In order to secure this portability, the laptop battery is crucial. Unfortunately, most laptop batteries die young, sometimes even in the first year of life.

The “Memory Effect” of a laptop battery

“Memory Effect” is a condition of reduced battery performance, or failure, due to a battery only using those cells that are fully discharged and charged on a regular basis. If on a regular basis a NiCd or NiMH battery is only partially discharged before being recharged, it “forgets” that it has usable capacity to further discharge all the way down. The result is loss of performance and shorter battery life because the battery is using less than its true full capacity.

NiMH batteries, while considerably better than their NiCd counterparts, are prone to developing “memory effect.” However, proper care and conditioning over the life of a NiMH battery will significantly reduce the potential negative impacts.

Li-ion batteries do not develop the “memory effect”. Nevertheless, there are a few laptop battery tips that you should follow, in order to maintain it fully operational as long as possible.

What to do with the battery when using the laptop as a desktop?

If this is your case, it’s better not to keep the battery in place for a long time, as the laptop will then discharge the battery over time. Don’t store the laptop battery for long periods either. Use it at least once in 3-4 weeks.

Tips for extending you laptop battery’s life

Everyone wants longer battery life, within reason there are some tricks to help get the most out of your laptop’s battery. For instance, make sure that you disable wireless networking when not using it, as it consumes power on continuously searching for wireless networks available (it does increase the usage time with only a few minutes, but at the end of the day, all these small things add up). It might die too soon anyway, but at least you will know that you did your best to keep it as long as possible. You can use additional devices for extending a laptop battery life. For instance, Electrovaya PowerPad is a device that can extend your battery duration up to 16 hours of use without recharging.

All tips and tricks on using less power while operating on battery are good to be known and applied if they fit your needs.

One more thing: when you buy a laptop, always ask for info on its battery type, characteristics and warranty period. Some shops give only 6 months warranty for the laptop battery, but this is written so small in the contract that you see only that the laptop has one year warranty (this happened to my laptop battery, which died in the 7th month of its life, too late to be replaced on warranty Inheriting technology and design features from the MacBook Pro line, the new MC207LL/A has been updated with a durable polycarbonate unibody design featuring a brilliant LED-backlit display, a glass Multi-Touch trackpad and Apple’s innovative built-in battery for up to seven hours of battery life. Measuring just 1.08 inches thin and weighing 4.7 pounds, the sleek new MC207LL/A cuts a slim profile on any desk (or in any backpack or briefcase). And it comes with everything you need for email, calendar, contacts, browsing the Internet, and more–all a part of the pre-installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system.

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Extend Your Laptop Battery’s Life

Laptop Battery
by liewcf

Extend Your Laptop Battery’s Life

“Infinite battery life” is the Holy Grail for all laptop owners. In other words having enough power to watch DVD movies and play games, amongst other things without worrying about the laptop’s battery life. The ultimate nuclear powered laptop – guaranteed to last a lifetime, sounds far-fetched, but as laptop and battery manufacturers race to develop new technologies in the search to extend contemporary battery life, this may hold true in the future. One recent development employs fuel cells however; the commercial use of fuel cells still lies some way off. Until a viable alternative is produced we are all stuck with our laptop batteries, yet all is not lost as there are several ways to extend your laptop battery life. Read the tips below to find out how to gain the most from your laptop battery:
Lower the laptop’s LCD brightness – a laptop’s LCD screen requires a lot of power and the backlight does not need to be at maximum. Lower the brightness to a level which is comfortable to view.
Close unnecessary programs – this includes running multiple programs, unused programs and background processes. If these are stopped then some of the memory (RAM) is freed and the processor doesn’t have to work as hard. Resulting in lower battery drain. Use Windows Task Manager to view the list of running processes and CPU performance.
Remove all unused devices and peripherals – modems, wireless LAN devices, USB devices and external drives. Turn off built-in Wi-Fi if you are not using it. All these devices put an unnecessary burden on the laptop battery. This is also true for CD and DVD drives. These devices can also be disabled under Device Manager and saves Windows unnecessary work. Save time by creating a Windows hardware profile, especially if you will be disabling devices regularly.
Add more memory (RAM) – this is not a myth adding more memory helps battery life. Increased memory means that Windows is less reliant on the virtual memory swap file on the hard disk. Memory requires less battery power than hard disk drives, which requires disks to be spun at high speed.
Use faster hard disk drives – hard disk drives come in a variety of speeds i.e. 4200rpm, 5400rpm. Higher speed means faster ‘seek times’ therefore the disk needs to spin for a shorter time drawing less power. Defragmenting your hard disk can also improve ‘seek times’ helping to save valuable battery power.
While on the road use an AC or Car adapter whenever possible.
Utilise power management settings – these may be present on the laptop, proprietary or Windows. Set these to maximum or aggressive level to obtain greater battery life. Also check that power management is enabled on the Bios. For certain laptops, if this is not enabled then any power management using a battery monitoring software or Windows will have no effect.
Carry a second laptop battery – some laptops have higher capacity batteries that fit into the same compartment giving a longer running time. 2-Power branded laptop batteries are rated to have a higher capacity. Some laptops can accept a second battery on one of the empty bays, further boosting the available battery power.
Check the CMOS battery inside the laptop – a dead CMOS battery can draw power from the main laptop battery. This is especially true in older laptops or if you keep setting the date and time regularly.
Disable any auto notification in Windows – this saves valuable resources
Use smaller, simpler programs whenever possible – i.e. WordPad instead of Word
Clean the battery contacts – clean contacts ensure a good connection, allowing you to get the most out of the battery. Clean regularly using rubbing alcohol.
Use the laptop on a flat surface and ensure the vents are not blocked by clothing or other obstructions – use an air duster or a vacuum to clear any vents clogged with dust. This prevents the laptop from overheating and the internal cooling fan from working overtime and drawing more power from the battery.
Avoid using the laptop in extreme temperatures – high temperature causes the battery to discharge rapidly and at low temperatures the battery will be struggling to power the laptop sufficiently.
Completely discharge the battery and recharge it again – this helps older batteries especially the older chemistries like NiCd and NiMH. Lithium-Ion batteries do not require this unless they have been well used. Sometimes the smart electronics within the battery need recalibrating and a complete discharge/charge helps solve the problem.
Use the Hibernate or suspend modes rather than shutting the system off and restarting.
Finally possibly the hardest thing to do is minimize playing movies and games, both use the DVD and CD drives.
Using an AC adapter or a Car adapter whilst on the move is perfectly acceptable, but is it necessary to carry a separate case with all your laptop accessories? Quite simply no. It can be used on different models and brands of laptops and there are a number of different tips which enable this. This means game playing, DVD viewing and listening to CDs on that long boring plane journey no longer needs to be missed. Plug into the nearest power source available (usually an in-seat socket) and watch those hours fly away.
A Universal Laptop Battery is another unique product. The two different types, which differ slightly in the chemistry of the battery, are Lithium Polymer and the standard Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion). Lithium Ploymer batteries are much lighter in weight and due to their high power to weight ratio, produce enough electricity to power a laptop. In comparison the larger and heavier standard Li-Ion battery, produces more power due to its physical size. Mobility is not an issue as both batteries are low profile, un-obtrusive and easily fit into laptop carry cases. As with the Universal Car Air Adapter these batteries work with a variety of laptop models. Finally, bear in mind that universal laptop batteries are designed to be used alongside the standard laptop battery, rather than act as replacements.

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Fixing NiCd Drill Battery’s For Free


A quick and easy way to revive battery’s,will not work on lithium, im not responsible for anything you do,any questions ask,comment if you want

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