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A Beginners guide To Lithium Polymer Batteries for RC


A Roy’s RC TV Beginners guide To Lithium Polymer Batteries and the Jargon that goes with them. New to the hobby of Radio Controlled Models & LiPo batteries, …

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How to use a Multimeter for beginners: Part 1 – Voltage measurement


Multimeter tutorial – This series of videos is a tutorial on how to use a digital multimeter for beginners. It will also explain the basics of electricity and address some safety issues. ——————— Click “Show more” ——————————- My website and forum:- Donations and contributions My techie channel MJLorton – Solar Power and Electronic Measurement Equipment – http My Techie Amazon Store: My other channel VBlogMag – For almost any topic under the sun! – My VBlogMag Amazon Store: ———————————————————————– This first video covers how to measure AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) voltage. I use a Fluke 177 multimeter for this demonstration provided by Comtest: Items covered in this multimeter tutorial: * Multimeter safety * How to measure battery voltage; how to measure a car battery / lead acid battery; how to measure mains electricity / power outlet / 220 volt / 110 volt. * What is electricity; how does electricity work; what is voltage; what is current / amps / ampage / ampere.
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