Call Blocking App/Script for the Nokia N900! Please comment – Rate – Subscribe :) Instructions —————- Step 1. Open the App Manager, click on the title Application manager, then on the button Application catalogues, then click on New. Fill the new repository data with the information below and click Save. Catalogue name: Maemo Extras-Devel Web address: Distribution: fremantle Components: free non-free Step 2. Tap/press on Download button then search and install maemo-python-device-env to install python. Step 3. Open notepad or any simple txt editor on ur pc and enter in the telephone numbers you would like to block, for example: 07………. 0161…….. You can have as many as you like in there. jst press enter after every number you type. Then save the file as BlockedCallers.txt Step 4. Download the callblocker script file here: Extract the zip file, there will only be 1 file in there. Now copy and BlockedCallers.txt into the root of N900. Then simply run X Terminal on the N900 and type in the following commands: Root (press enter) python /home/user/MyDocs/ & (press enter) If you didnt get any error messages then u have done it correctly an it shud be working. Now just test it! :) Any problems then let me know and ill do my best to help.
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