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Dell XPS 15z Review| Booredatwork

19 Twitter: Facebook: Empireavenue: The Dell XPS 15z is Dell’s top of the line laptop. The XPS line has been know over the years for ultra performances, with the new Z line of XPS laptops comes a slimmer profile, second generation core i7 processor, switchable GPU cards and a longer battery life. With Dell promising close to 10hrs of battery life. Lets take a look at the hardware itself. The Dell XPS 15z has an all around metallic finish with chrome trimming on the outer panel of the monitor and main body, its got a HDMI port, 2 USB ports, 1 esata/USB port, card reader all on the left of the device. A slot DVD drive on the right of the unit and the power and Ethernet ports at the rear of the laptop. Its well ventilated with air vents at the back and the bottom of the device. So how well does the the XPS 15z fare? What you have here with the XPS 15z is a nice first step by Dell in bringing a high performance PC ad slimming it down to a form factor that is appealing and attractive. The system does well at handling heavy task, the Intel core i7 2620m processor. Do a solid job handling video editing using power director. The 8GB of ram is a huge plus in handle such task. The ability to switch video cards as well as set which programs utilize the NVidia card is huge in power saving. As the Dell XPS 15z has to video cards one is an NVidia card the other is an Intel graphics chip. The Webcam works well Conclusion

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CES 2011 – Motorola Atrix with Laptop Dock| Booredatwork

0 Hands on demo of the Motorola Atrix at the Motorola Press Event at CES 2011, the demo also show the laptop dock for the Atrix which turns the device into a desktop and with an 8hr battery life. The Atrix is a 4G capable device on the Verizon LTE 4G network
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