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The world’s fastest booting PC


It takes exactly 2.2 seconds for the DOS prompt to appear after turning on the Tandy 1000RL, a 9.54 MHz 8086 XT-class computer with the startup files of MS-D…

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Acer Aspire One dual booting Windows 7 and OSx86 iAtkos v7

25 Use iAtkos v7 10.5.7 DVD (where you find this is up to you.) -Boot iAtkos v7 DVD -Prep your hard disk with Disk Utilitiy, I used GUID partition table, 1 partition. -Select the following items from “Customize” after running disk utility and selecting your disk to install OSX to. + (Expand section) * (Select item) *iatkos v7 Main System (Installed By Default) +Bootloader *Chameleon v2 (Installed By Default) +X86 Patches +Decrypters (Unselect AppleDecypt) *Dsmos (Select) +Kernel *9.50.0 KernelVoodoo (Select) +ACPI *x86 ACPI (Select) +Drivers +Video *Intel GMA950 +Sound *Voodoo HDA driver (Installed By Default) +System +PS/2 Mouse Keyboard (Only Select One) *Apple Ps/2 Driver (Select) +Sytem *Laptop Battery (Select) +Network (Skip Wired for now) (Not Applicable to Acer Aspire One D150) +Wireless *Broadcom BCM43xx (Choose this only if you have the Dell replacement card Dw1490,Dw1390,Dw1395) (Select) *Post_Install Actions (Installed By Default) To do after you reboot: -Enable trackpad prefs, touch-to-click ? copy keyboard.Prefpane to /System/Library/PreferencePanes to enable double tapping on the trackpad. Set it up in System Preferences and Keyboard/Mouse. (I attempted using the Voodoo touchpad driver but it causes erratic mouse/kb behavior, if you know how to get 2-finger scrolling working on this netbook please let me know!) -Wired LAN ? Use kext Helper or OSX86Tools to install AttansicL1eEthernet. Setup your LAN via Network Preferences. Connect to your network
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