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Bulging toshiba pa3534u 1bas battery


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Help I am Bulging!


Help I am Bulging!
Laptop Battery

Image by gèr-HÀRDT
A sad state of affairs here…
It started out with it just not charging (probably should have seen this coming). And then one day when Erin was looking up the problem on Apple’s forums she read about "the Bulging Battery" problem, flipped over the laptop and saw this…

My office for the afternoon
Laptop Battery

Image by Brother O’Mara
This afternoon we had a power outage at work. The building is huge, part warehouse, and so it has had some weird wiring work done to it throughout the years. As far as I understand we have two main lines coming into the building, and things are connected to them kind of at random.

Today’s power outage affected each person’s office differently. Some of them were left without overhead lights but with working power outlets. Some were the opposite: overhead lights yes, outlets no. Some were fully on. Some were fully off.

Mine was one of them that had lights but no outlets. The battery on my laptop is dead, so I moved into the conference room (outlets but no lights) to get some work done. As you can see it was kind of pleasant, though the day outside was still rather gray.

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