dell C9554 battery

The biggest advantage of the laptop is its portability. This is tightly connected with the battery. Like this Dell C9554 battery, it offers power to the laptop and makes this laptop meaningful. Without the battery, it’s useless to have the laptop in hand. As the saying goes “one can not make bricks without straws.”  Namely, the battery support power to the laptop in order to operate the process. According to this point, you can see the importance of the laptop. then you should attach more importance to the laptop battery.

If this Dell C9554 battery needs to get charged after half an hour under working condition, you may get irritated.

If this battery has damaged, your laptop becomes a high-tech scrap. So here introduce you the means of protect your laptop battery.

Here comes to the laptop battery maintenance. Generally, present laptop batteries have adopted the lithium as the main material. By the way, nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries are basically no longer in use. This changed due to the better performance on the memory effect of the lithium battery. That is to say, lithium battery has less memory effect than the other two material batteries. Here should be put forward that, although the lithium-ion battery memory is not obvious. It also has the memory effect after long time unreasonable use. when you use the battery, take it under the normal circumstances and the avoid the arbitrary charge and discharge while using it.

Otherwise there will be much trouble coming up with your battery.

In addition, for this dell  I seldom charge it over or discharge it completely in order to save its life. If possible, once a month full charge and discharge the battery for one time or three months.  Another point is that if you use an external power source AC adapter, it is best to unplug the battery. Moreover, the hot state will reduce the life of the battery. That is the same to the ac adapter as well as the laptop itself.

If there is an emergency situation, remove the battery and take it to the service center for help. This is the last straw for your battery. Only expert know how to handle it.

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