MacBook Woes: Cannot charge or retrieve power from battery

Here is a brief summary: About 6 months ago, the computer battery would shut off at random while running on the battery. The battery connector was loose, as the computer battery‘s battery worked immediately after shutting down. I later fixed the loose connector and the computer battery ran perfectly fine for a few months without random shutdowns. 2 months ago, I was working on the computer battery, plugged in, when I left to go eat. I returned 15 minutes later. I decided I wanted to work somewhere else in the house, so I unplugged the computer battery. The computer battery died immediately, and would not power up without the adapter since then. The battery’s condition is fine, since it worked properly up until this problem occurred. Also, the battery says it’s 60% full. Some notes: I did use the computer battery on a 240v line for a week while I was in China. The MacBook’s power adapter is designed to handle foreign voltages and frequencies. This problem began a couple of weeks after returning. I have reset the PRAM and the SMU. This same problem occurs while in the boot menu, in Mac OS X Leopard, and also Windows XP. Please leave only “smart” comments. System Specs: MacBook Core 2 Duo 1.88 GHz (Late 2006) 1.25 GB Ram (had for 1.5 years) 160 GB WD HD (also had for 1.5 years) COPYRIGHT 2008 musicfreakcc Embedding of this video on other websites is PERMITTED and encouraged You may not re-upload this video to YouTube or anywhere else without my prior approval.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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