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Harvesting 18650 Li-ion cells from dead laptop batteries


Not sure what I’ll use these for, but they’re cool to have, nonetheless.

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Alán Aspuru-Guzik: Organic solar cells, flow batteries, and supercomputing @ UNAM (in Spanish)


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Pin (battery) laptop Lenovo ThinkPad X60, X60s X61, X61s 8 Cells 40Y7003 chính hãng original


Pin (battery) laptop Lenovo ThinkPad X60, X60s X61, X61s 8 Cells 40Y7003 chính hãng original…

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Recovering Li-ion cells from donated notebook batteries


Today, 29-12-12 I received a lot of “dead” notebook batteries. It is amazing to think that all those Li-ion cells would be on the trash now. If each of us do…

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How to make a 3S battery from reclaimed18650 lithium ion laptop cells


Quick tutorial on how to use reclaimed laptop battery cells (18650 size) and build a 3S battery pack that can be balanced charged. See this video on how to u…
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Testing 18650 Li Ion Laptop Battery Cells


Using IMAX B6 charger to test Li Ion 18650 laptop cells You can find a data sheet for the cells tested here
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Remove dead cells from dead laptop battery pack


blaineh9′s shared video file.
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laptop battery repair, recell laptop, open battery case/shell, battery pcb, battery cells


This is a video of how to open your battery case, we do kinds of battery repair work for our customers overseas,and tell them how to do this,and the first step is to open the battery case, some of our customer think that open a case is hard work,and sometimes if they do not open successfully, the battery case will be destroyed, or they use uncorrect ways to open case,their hands will be hurt, so here i take the video,and let all my customer who do battery repair work to learn how i open the case.recell work, test battery,discharge and charge battery need kinds of equipment, my website web: we sell kinds of software and hardware , you could go to website web: to find what you need, we also provide technical support to our customers who are battery repair beginners, contact us by SKYPE:xitonghan or MSN: Welcome to visit our website, hope that we could have chance in coooperatiion!

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How to Change cells for your laptop battery

Laptop Battery
by cote

How to Change cells for your laptop battery

At present, articles about how to purchase and use notebook can be found everywhere, but on how to solve the notebook computer failures are rare. For this reason, Hunt360 International decided to exposal knowledge about how to change cells for your notebook computers battery.

Hunt360 is a dedicated laptop battery online shop companies,specializing in laptop battery replacement, Camera battery replacement, Solar battery and charger. Recently, Hunt360 and Mr. Luo made contact and asked him to tell us about the massive numbers of visitors to the laptop battery for batteries are all kinds of knowledge.

For notebook computers, the importance of the battery is self-evident. Laptop battery internally by batteries and protect the plates, batteries for electrical storage, protection of board is responsible for safety at work. Batteries are consumable items, each with one will cause the attenuation of volume, it will have a direct decision of laptop battery is good or bad.

Laptop battery life become shorter, notebook batteries can not be used, laptop battery suddenly power down (for example: battery suddenly from 40% to 10%), dissatisfaction with rechargeable laptop battery power (for example: battery charge to 30% -40%, not moved), laptop computer battery There are a lot of unused capacity in the sudden shutdown, all the above conditions are likely to be dropped or the batteries capacity damage caused by batteries. Of course, there may be due to the protection board hardware is damaged, but this possibility is very small.

Laptop battery cells

If you find that your laptop failure to occur, it is necessary to deal specifically with laptop battery repair operations of the companies to check. Next, we will give us a presentation to the laptop batteries for the whole process.

First, we use professional equipment to detect cause of troubles. there are many kinds of battery fault detection instrument , such as: Texas Instruments product, MAX products, Ateml products, and even some personal home-made products. Our company is the most commonly used Texas Instruments (Texas) EV2300.

Once battery failure is detected, there should be prepared to change battery cells for laptop battery

Circulating a statement online – laptop battery fails, you can charge and discharge into the refrigerator or deep, or pulsed current activation ways to repair it. This argument is wrong.

If it is Ni-MH batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries, does the depth of charge and discharge through the means to conduct part of the repair (not fully repaired). However, we now use laptop computers are equipped with lithium batteries. Lithium battery failure, the basic batteries are negative because of the collapse of material occurs. This situation is not reversible, so can not be repaired by the above method. Can only be decrypted by replacing battery cells and unlock to repair it.

In general, the laptop battery can be divided into three parts: the shell, cells group and the protection of electrical panels.

Protection plate back equipped Serial EEPROM memory chips

To decrypt and unlock the protection panels are two different things. We have to decryption to enter the battery management system, and only on the battery management system that we can change the battery all the parameters and use of information. If only change batteriy cells, not unlock, then not achieve satisfactory results.

We use professional equipment and related software to decrypt the protection board to unlock. Of course, the battery management chip design according to different manufacturers, choose the appropriate equipment.

Using specialized equipment and related software to unlock the protection plate to decrypt

Battery management chip design according to different manufacturers, choose the appropriate equipment

Related software to unlock the protection plate decryption

Give your business a boost with the HP Compaq 2230s Laptop Computer. Starting at 4.07 lb/1.85 kg with a satin, reflective black-on-black surface, this HP Compaq is a stylish notebook with all the essential features to get your workplace up-to-speed. Its packed with 1GB of DDR2 memory, 120GB HDD, 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN and a 12.1-inch diagonal WXGA BrightView display. Experience new levels of system responsiveness when you run multiple applications. Youll also get smarter battery performance with this laptops Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 processor, which has been designed to help extend mobility. Thanks to a long-lasting battery life of up to 3.5 hours, youre ensured high performance when you need it most.
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Laptop Battery Repair / Rebuild : Lithium Ion Cells 18650


Instructable : Dell Laptop battery pack repair. How to replace laptop 18650 lithium ion cells. Save approx. with this rebuild
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