Cesar Harada, TED 2010 Fellow
Computer Batteries

Image by cesarharada.com
Meet the TED2010 Fellows!
The TED2010 Fellows will join the TED community in Long Beach for a Fellows pre-conference and for TED2010: "What the World Needs Now." Check back soon to read their complete bios! Learn how to become a TED Fellow too »

Mubarak Abdullahi (Nigeria/UK) – Aircraft engineer who at 24 built a homemade helicopter out of old car and bike parts
Milena Boniolo (Brazil) – Chemist and PhD student at Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil studying emerging contaminants

Premesh Chandran (Malaysia) – Co-founder and CEO of Malaysiakini.com, an independent Malaysian news website

Perry Chen (US) – Co-founder and CEO of Kickstarter, a web platform offering people a new way to fund their creative ideas and endeavors

Anita Doron (Ukraine/Canada) – Surrealist filmmaker and documentarian

Ndubuisi Ekekwe (Nigeria/US) – Scientist and founder of the African Institution of Technology, an organization seeking to establish integrated chip design and manufacturing facilities across the African continent

Saeed Taji Farouky (Palestine/UK) – Documentary filmmaker, photographer, and writer focusing on human rights in the Middle East and North Africa

Jessica Green (US) – Professor at the University of Oregon’s Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology whose research is focuses on microbial diversity

Benjamin Gulak (Canada/US) – Inventor of the Uno, the “green” electric street bike, and founder of BPG Motors

Robert Gupta (US) – Violinist, youngest member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and neuro researcher (?)

Cesar Harada (Japan/France/UK) – Coordinator of the Open_Sailing project, working to develop open-source technologies to intelligently inhabit the oceans

Susie Ibarra (US/Philippines) – Composer, percussionist, and co-founder of Song of the Bird King, a production company using music and film to preserve indigenous culture and ecology

Jennifer Indovina (US) – Founder of Tenrehte Technologies, a wireless semiconductor company integrating Wi-Fi into smart grid applications

Mitchell Joachim (US) – Architect and co-found of Terreform ONE, a non-profit design group that promotes green design in cities

Raffael Lomas (Isreal) – Sculptor and teacher of creative workshops for the blind

Kate Nichols (US) – Artist-in-residence at Alivisatos Lab synthesizing nanoparticles that exhibit structural color and incorporating them into large-scale art pieces

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (Pakistan/US) – Documentary filmmaker and founder of The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, an educational institution and heritage centre established working to preserve Pakistan’s history

Sarah Jane Pell (Australia) – Diver, artist, and founder of Aquabatics Research Team initiative (ARTi)

Manu Prakash (India/US) – Physicist, computer scientist and an inventor, pursuing research in the field of "Physical Biology"

Kellee Santiago (US) – President and co-founder of thatgamecompany, a video game company working to create video games that communicate different emotional experiences

Durreen Shahnaz (Singapore) – Founder and chairperson of Impact Investment Exchange (Asia), a social stock exchange to help Asian social enterprises raise growth capital

Gavin Sheppard (Canada) – Founder of I.C. Visions and co-founder of The Remix Project, a youth program acting as an arts and cultural incubator in Toronto, Cananda

Hugo Van Vuuren (South Africa/US) – Co-founder of Lebone, a social enterprise working on off-grid technologies and the promotion of dirt-powered batteries

Angelo Vermeulen (Belgium) – Visual artist, filmmaker, biologist, author, activist, and DJ

Daniel Zoughbie (US/UK/???) – Founder and CEO of the Global Micro-Clinic Project (GMCP), an organization dedicated to providing access to health care in the developing world



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