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How to charge your usb device like a smartphone using your laptop’s battery even if its off


How to charge your usb device like a smartphone using your laptop's battery even if its off

A quick tutorial explaining how you can charge your usb device such as a smartphone using your laptop, even if your laptop is powered off and or not plugged into the wall. Depending on the laptop, you may need to enable this feature in your BIOS. If you have the lighting bolt symbol next to the USB symbol and you plug a device into it while the laptop is off and it does not work, you need to boot into your BIOS settings and adjust the USB powering sharing (though it may be called differently depending on laptop). As with any BIOS settings, use at your own risk!

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Notebook battery charge times


Notebook battery charge times

Article by Xiaofeng

Notebook battery charge times – Technology – Electronics

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Notebook battery charge times

Notebook battery aging is by laptop battery charge times to decide, then how calculative laptop battery charge number? If I keep battery in a notebook, with the occasional battery (if use a 15% such, then plug adapter to notebook batteries, this is not a battery again? Still say the battery every complete one time charge need a certain formula computed, not so: as long as we imagine to battery charger for electricity, even if point to, also calculate one time charge. Below are online generally thought calculation modes:

Battery full charge quantity number:

Basically is in accordance with the battery power into to calculate battery charge times and the degree of ageing, counting the method is as follows:

Generally speaking, when the battery charge starting power is greater than the current full power of 70% (this value different companies have different regulation, generally not by much) when the battery power input current accumulated more than 70% of the full charge of quantity, regard as charge once. For example your battery of this limit value is 70%; Every time you are the battery in 80% of time the charging, then your battery can be read out the number per additional charge, the actual number is four times.

Hypothesis full power for: 3800 mah

Start charging more than 70% of the full amount of power: 38 * 70% = 2660 mah (every time in 80% of the time the charging)

Accumulative total input power: : 3800 * * 4 = 20% 3040mah (3,800 * * 3 = 20% 2280mah)

The actual number of charging for less than 3 2660, so said, “every time in 80% of time the charging, need actual charge opportunity to reach four times is finished once the accumulative total”

Below the starting power of the battery, accumulative total input power = full power – the current power, as charge once.

If you are in the power for 60% of the time the charging, 3800mah – 3800mah * 60% = 1520mah, when the input power reached when deemed 1520mah charge once

The above is not very accurate calculation (because every time could be accurate to 60% only when filling, nor all the time from 60% full of the reoccupy after, perhaps filling to 95% began using), everybody casual about can, need not delve into!

The current full power: because the battery aging, so the battery internal a aging algorithm, will automatically according to the battery usage of automatic updates the current full charge the battery energy, in case the overcharge cause unsafe factors. This algorithm, depending on the battery batches, company, manufacturers different and different. Some battery simply used security chip venders set the default algorithm

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How to charge laptop battery manually 2


Many guys have abused their computer jack,or something else, therefore they cannot recharge their laptop batterys or for that matter, unable to use their laptops, and have tried to charge battery different ways. Others fell victim to greedy technicians who want to sell you motherboard for 250$ ++ and or changing jack,So there you go, you have an easy solution for free.
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How to charge laptop battery manually 1


Many guys have abused their computer jack,or something else, therefore they cannot recharge their laptop batterys or for that matter, unable to use their laptops, and have tried to charge battery different ways. Others fell victim to greedy technicians who want to sell you motherboard for 250$ ++ and more. So there you go, you have an easy solution for free.

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Simple Steps To Charge Laptop Battery While In A Car | Battery Technology


Simple Steps To Charge Laptop Battery While In A Car | Battery Technology

If you find yourself with just a dead laptop battery in your car and get access to a battery charger, you are just minutes away on the road again. Whether you are a small wheel on the car charger is known as the trickle charger or a larger unit, you can effectively charge your laptop battery.There are some safety concerns, however. Make sure to check the warnings, the following are the steps:

1. Find Remote Charging Station by Read the instructions for the owner. You can also open the hood to find the charging station.

2. Remove the plastic cover, which are the protection of the negative and positive contributions of the Dell d630 battery. Slide the cover to the side as it is generally flexible. Note to the place of the positive and negative terminals are represented by a minus and a plus sign or.

3. Find the laptop car charger, its cables can reach the battery. Make sure your battery charger, an electric rangeOutlet. Add the extension cable if required.

4. Place the charger the battery terminals and make sure that the red terminal is going to go to the positive terminal of the battery and the black clip to the negative terminal of the battery. If you can not be sure you follow the cables attached back to the charging station terminal and find the positive or negative designation.

5. Plug your charger in the eighth that the selector switch should be turned on.

6. Select the appropriateVoltage and speed. If time permits, select the slower and wait to charge the battery for about two hours. If the charger has a timer, set it.

7. After charging, unplug the charger and unplug the charger cable then start the car.

Responsible cycling means a battery is completely discharged (or drain) of a battery produces electricity, where there is a fee of less than 1% residual capacity. At this point, the power to set the device and the device turns off. Then, after the power is turned off you charge the battery to 100% capacity with a power adapter into an outlet forExample. Regardless of how you charge the battery to initiate the process and represents a fully charged battery is recharged.

I noted above that an electrochemical reaction takes place in the Hp 510 Batteries to replenish the electrons. The effect is a chemical process, electrical energy (electrochemical energy) generated. Lithium is used, among other chemicals, such as a battery anode material due to its high electrochemical potential. In fact, the energy of some lithium cellsfive times larger than an equivalent size lead-acid cell and three times greater than alkaline batteries. Lithium cells often have a starting voltage of 3.0 V. This means, that batteries can be lighter, have lower per-use costs and have higher and more stable voltage profiles.

Charging Lithium can be thought of the introduction of ions or movement of the chemical. To the lithium chemistry (lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, etc.) you must haveMinimum voltage to the lithium. Most of the battery cells are charged to 4.2 volts with a relatively safe procedure when about 3.8 volts. Everything that is less than 3.3 volts are not sufficient to move the charge or chemistry. One thing to note here is that an algorithmic measure volts of electricity. So to create the sense current through the battery needs to introduce you current in your battery lithium.

Introduction to current lithium intercalation states. Intercalation is theAccession of a molecule (or molecule group) between two other molecules (or groups). When it comes to charging your battery, you are indeed pushing ions in and comes in solid lithium compounds. These compounds have tiny spaces between the crystallized planes for small ions such as lithium, to himself by a force of electricity. In fact, ionizing the lithium loads the crystal planes to the point where they are forced into a current. The current flow is then channeled back andfurther from the anode to the cathode, and thus an electrical current to power on your device. Also this can be done to 300-500 times. In my next article we will, why look like limited battery charge cycles.

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HP Notebook Computer Battery Does Not Charge


Sent to the repair facility twice. Brand new battery. Brand new adapter. The battery will not charge.
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How to Charge a Laptop Battery Outside the Computer

Laptop Battery
by jaaron

How to Charge a Laptop Battery Outside the Computer

HP Laptop battery have become smaller and more powerful, but they still don’t supply enough power for long projects–particularly if you are doing processor-intensive work. Whether you are traveling on a long plane trip or are just paranoid about power outages, it is always good to know you will be able to finish what you are working on. Charging an extra laptop battery to take with you ahead of time will let you work twice as long without a power supply.

Consider buying an external laptop battery and charger. External laptop batteries can be plugged directly into the power supply, which means you don’t have to open up the laptop and remove the old battery to use them.

Get an external battery charger designed for your particular laptop model; you can order one from a website like the one in Resources. Different batteries have different voltage and amperage requirements, and some require pulse chargers or other methods. If you can’t find a charger designed for your laptop, you can use one with the same voltage and output as your battery.

Remove the laptop battery if you are planning to externally charge the battery inside your computer. Usually, you will have to pull open a latch or two on the bottom of your laptop. In rare cases, you may have to undo a few screws.

Plug in the battery for the specified period. Most laptop batteries require about 2 hours to charge completely, but the time can vary somewhat between battery models.

Keep an eye on the battery the first time you use it. If it becomes extremely hot, unplug the charger. Do not leave the battery plugged in for longer than it takes to charge, unless the instructions that come with the battery charger specify that this is OK to do. Many laptop battery chargers have intelligent circuitry that senses when the charge is complete, but not all do. If your charger does not, overcharging can cause the battery to overheat.

More News: My Laptop Battery Won’t Hold a Charge

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Why laptop battery can not charge and out of work


Why laptop battery can not charge and out of work

Generally, we said our laptop battery dead means that : the battery out of charge or discharge. The laptop battery can not work after used for some months most caused by the problem. Also sometimes the battery suddenly can not be recognized by laptop. This is the adapter or mohterboard problem (espacially in dell laptop battery).

To second problem we only can change the adapter or motherboard.


Why Laptop battery can not discharge
(1.)The laptop battery after the storage using and the life decay;

(2.) Lacking charge or not be charged;

(3.) Ambient temperature is too low;

(4.) Discharge efficient less, such as the large current discharge cause voltage sharp drop to 0, then electricity can not be released

(5.) The laptop battery has been in over-discharge protection.

The Solution for Laptop battery can not dischage

(1.) The Apple A1185 Battery during storage should take a monthly charge and discharge;

(2.)Charging the battery at 10% state;

(3.)Using in a normal environment;

(4.)Using proper adapter of the machine.

(5.)To place it in icebox for about 10 hours and cool place 2-4 days to unlock the protection


Why laptop battery out of charge

(1.)The battery in zero voltage;

(2.)Charging failure, no output current;

(3.)External factors have led to the charging efficiency is too low

(such as low or high temperature).

The solution for laptop battery can not charge

(1.)Check your charger output voltage and current;

(2.)Check the laptop battery charger output connection is good or not

(3.)Charge the battery with 1.5 times the maximum voltage of the battery, 1.5C high current charging, active the battery . (Only when the battery can not charge, use this method).

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Dell Inspirion Laptop Battery Won’t Charge

Laptop Battery
by jaaron

Dell Inspirion Laptop Battery Won’t Charge

A laptop utilizes a battery for power when it is not plugged into an electrical outlet. Dell Inspiron laptops use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The battery has a life expectancy of 12 to 24 months, depending on several factors, such as care and battery usage. If the battery is not holding a charge, it may be damaged or dead and need to be replaced. Prior to replacing the battery, you should troubleshoot it, just to be sure. dell latitude d820 battery

Attempt to fully charge the battery. Plug the power adapter into the laptop and allow the battery to charge overnight.

Turn the Dell Insprion laptop off. Unplug the laptop from the power adapter.

Flip the laptop upside down so the battery is visible. The battery is located on the underside of the laptop.

Slide the battery lock switch and hold it in place. Lift the battery upward for removal. Once removed, release the battery lock switch.

Examine the battery. Look for signs of damage to the battery. If you notice any damage, the battery must be replaced. dell latitude d610 battery

Clean the battery contacts. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and clean the battery contacts and the contacts inside the battery bay to remove dust.

Check the battery charge. Press the “Status” button on the back side of the battery. It has five lights that will display how charged the battery is. Five lit lights indicates a full charge, one lit light indicates a low charge and no lit lights indicates the battery has no charge. If the battery has no charge, it is dead and needs to be replaced. If the battery does indicate it is partially or fully charged, continue troubleshooting.

Recalibrate the battery. Place the battery back in the laptop. It will just pop into place. Turn the computer on and allow the computer to run on battery power until the battery dies. Once the battery dies, plug the power adapter into the computer and allow the battery to fully charge again. Remove the battery and check the battery charge. If it still has not fully charged, you need a new battery.  dell inspiron 1720 laptop battery

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Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Battery Does Not Charge


Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Battery Does Not Charge

The most outstanding characteristic of laptop is its portability and ease of use, compared to desktop computers. However, the laptop is no longer portable if the battery could not work properly. It may function like a tethered desktop computer if the battery doesn’t get charged properly. Most of the major laptop computer problems are battery related and they need to be solved immediately. Sometimes the battery was plugged in but did not charge.

Actually, most of today’s laptop computers are loaded with a lithium ion battery of several hours. Of course, how long the battery will last is entirely determined by how you use it. To charge the dell laptop battery, an AC adapter with specific voltage settings is required, which is normally supplied with the laptop.

If your dell inspiron 1520 laptop battery is plugged but not charge, you may just check the following factors.

Defective AC Adapter

If the AC adapter is not working properly, then the charging won’t occur at all. An laptop AC adapter, with lower than required voltage settings, will not be able to charge the battery. See to it that the AC adapter matches the laptop battery’s requisite settings. A loose wire or internal breakdown, may render an AC adapter useless. Changing the adapter all together might solve your problem.

Power Management Software Problem

Sometimes, the problem is merely with the power management software. This is the classic case, when the laptop charges when switched off, but doesn’t when the computer has booted. The software may have gotten corrupted which must be causing the problem. In such a case, go to the device manager section and uninstall the power management software. In case of Windows XP, uninstall ‘Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing’ from the device manger section. Take care that you do not install any other AC adapter driver software. Then go for a ‘hardware scan’, which will automatically identify the Dell GK479 battery and reinstall the latest version of the drivers again. That will restore the charging facility of your laptop.

Internal Charging Circuitry Problem

If neither the AC adapter, nor the power management software has a problem, then problem can be with the internal charging circuitry of the laptop. In this case, there is little you can do other than sending the laptop to the manufacturer’s service center.

Defective Battery

Another reason that could lead to the charging problem may result from a defective battery. Run the dell inspiron 1520 battery test. If your laptop is quite old, this could be one of the most likely reasons. Get the battery checked from the manufacturer and check if it has exceeded its predicted recharge cycle limit.

:For special interested: I had this laptop for a long time, and decided to make another “silent review”. Here are most of the specs; Compaq LTE/286, 12 MHz Intel 80C286, 640Kb ram, CGA Display adapter and 4bit grayscale wide flat display, DOS 6.22 (3.3 or 3.31 orginal), 21Mb 3,5inch harddrive, 1.2Meg floppy drive -it reads 1.44mb disks, but cannot write, but it prefer 720k disks and has about 5hrs of battery time (!). I have lost the power-supply (or, actually the previous owner did) so while I used a temporary one, the backlight of the display got busted. Probably bacause of to high voltage (7Volts, it should actually only have 6Volt power supply or so, 4.8 – 5.5 on battery, and here i put 7?… damn) There is nothing else wrong with it, no bad sectors on harddrive, a Connor model 4021, who have a reputation to fail. Just recently I have replaced the CMOS battery. Good thing I found a copy of the diagnostics disk (bios)… Since it need special software to change\flash CMOS\Bios settings. There is not much more it can be used for, I usually write something in WordPerfect 5.1 every now and then, sometimes several years between, just because… well, its fun to read something I wrote several years ago.
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