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How to check if your laptop battery is genuine/original OEM


In this video, i’ll show you how you can check if your battery is genuine…I had just ordered an HP battery for my laptop and was unsure if it was OEM. So i…
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How to check your Laptop’s battery performance using Windows 7 features.wmv


This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to check how well your laptop battery is performing compared to what it was like when you first got it!
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2011 HP Pavilion dv7t Series First Impression Review [Check out full review also]


Read full description below; [Don't forget to "Like" & "Subscribe"] also do the same on my other channel; 2011 HP dv7t Review – Specs of my particular custom built machine; HP Pavilion dv7t customizable Notebook PC • dark umber • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit • 2nd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M Processor (2.3 GHz, 3MB L3 Cache)Turbo Boost up to 2.9 GHz • 1GB Radeon(TM) HD 6490M GDDR5 Graphics [HDMI, VGA] • 8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm) • 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection • 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery (over-sized) • 17.3″ diagonal HD+ HP BrightView LED Display (1600 x 900) • SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support • HP TrueVision HD Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone + HP SimplePass Fingerprint Reader • Intel 802.11b/g/n WLAN with Wireless Display Support Laptop total cost of my customize was 09.99 + 9 for the 2 year accidental plan coverage. Because of a special I had I got 0 off so it was under 00… not bad at all considering all this machine is built with. CONNECT WITH ME! http Photography channel: © 2011 Dynamic Vision Photography & Design LLC | Feel a Change

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Epson Printer TX121 – How to Check Ink Condition from Status Monitor


Epson Printer TX121 - How to Check Ink Condition from Status Monitor

Showhow2 is world s easiest self support platform. It makes complex technologies easy to understand and products simple to use. Now Everything is Easy. To Watch More Easy Tutorial videos subscribe to Connect with SHOWHOW2 Explore: Follow us on :
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iPod Shuffle – How to check the battery status of your iPod Shuffle


iPod Shuffle - How to check the battery status of your iPod Shuffle

Understand your Shuffle’s battery status from its status light. See how VoiceOver announces level of battery charge. Showhow2 is world s easiest self support platform. It makes complex technologies easy to understand and products simple to use. Now Everything is Easy!! To Watch More Easy Tutorial videos Subscribe to – Connect with SHOWHOW2 Explore:

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How to disable VAIO’s original battery check.


How to disable VAIO's original battery check.

This is how to disable that annoying message that every vaio says whenever they want, even when using a original battery (as you can see, i’m using the original battery that came with my computer). “The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer. Click “OK” to enter Hibernate mode, and remove and reinsert the battery.” There is a software that sony batteries installs in the system to check the battery model and bitch if it thinks that there is something wrong with the battery. It’s called ISBMgr.exe, finishing that process disables the notification in the current session, but if we restart the computer, the pop-up will be there again. To completely disable that annoyance, look in the registry, it’s very easy to find in HKLM\SW\MS\Win\CurrentVersion\Run. Or just type “isbmgr” in the search box and delete the key related. Why this happens? In the vaio world, everything is proprietary and model-locked, that means non-standard computer battery and non-standard methods of checking if any software or hardware that you try to run on your vaio computer, is authorized by Sony battery to run on your particular model. For example, after you unbox and start to use your new vaio, everything works seamlessly, all keys work, the FN+F6 combination works also, the S1 and AV MODE keys runs their commands. When you have a problem and need to reinstall the entire system, you found that the S1 keys doesn´t work anymore, the display is always at full
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How to check a notebook computer Battery

Notebook Battery
by n3rraD

How to check a notebook computer Battery

Testing a notebook  battery permits one to decide if it has any remaining charge. one of the best method to check a battery would be to connect it to some notebook computer and turn the device on. However, there are various other methods to decide if your notebook computer battery has any charge.

Test your notebook computer battery using a check light. verify the check mild primary to make certain it works. Connect the mild to some steel soil source. verify the check mild on the battery that you just know works. when the check mild glows, it’s good. location the light’s check finish in to the battery’s good port. when the mild glows, your battery is good.

Check your notebook computer battery(such as hp dv6700 battery) using a battery tester.

set 1 finish belonging to the tester inside the battery’s good port, and also the other inside a undesirable port. The tester will study how significantly lifestyle is inside the battery, if any.

Hook your notebook computer battery as significantly as a multimeter. stick to the procedure in action two to connect the meter and decide how significantly demand is left inside the battery. Most multimeters are electronic, but some have gauges that proceed to some specific point.

Place the notebook computer battery on the battery charger. they are largely utilized for cars. Battery chargers ordinarily show if a battery is good, poor or desires a charge.


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How to check your Dell battery


Ira Williams from Dell, explains how to remove, check the battery ID number, and order a replacement battery on-line.

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Check these laptop battery buying tips


Check these laptop battery buying tips

With the world going increasingly mobile and relying more than ever on battery life to get work done on the road, it’s imperative this problem get solved soon.

I generally don’t like the word “regulation,” but there are times when it’s the only solution.

Without rules and enforcement of those rules, we’ve seen what can happen when a profits-at-all-costs mentality sets in without oversight. I realize we’re not talking national security here, but I’m sure I’m not the only one bothered by this discrepancy.TOSHIBA PA3383U-1BRS Battery TOSHIBA PA3384U-1BRS Battery TOSHIBA PA3465U-1BRS Battery Toshiba PA2487UR battery

Looking for batteries for laptops is simple for those who check around a little and also fully understand what precisely you are looking for are sure to find a bargain. Check these laptop battery buying tips first.

The initial step to finding cheap batteries for laptop computers will be to know the precise make and model of your laptop PC, as you will need this data to be certain you buy the right model. There could be a range of variations of battery packs for your PC with each one supplying assorted levels of battery life, as I describe below.

There’s 2 predominant types of battery for laptop computers that are generally for sale for all leading models of notebook computers. The two predominant kinds are…

Ni-MH – Otherwise know as Nickel Metal Hydride these are the battery types used for computers built a couple of years ago. You can still find these kinds of battery utilized widely today and the only real downside of most of these types are that they need a regular complete discharge and recharge. This will make sure they continue to function more effectively. Because of this, if they are not properly cared for, battery power lifetime might diminish rapidly.

Lion- Lithium Ion batteries are now the most popular of the modern day laptop computers. They are much less heavy in comparison to the other designs of battery pack and more importantly they will keep going much longer and don’t suffer the recharging problems connected with Nickel battery packs.

Bear in mind that a few of the very old Laptop models make use of Ni-Cad batteries, but these are not in reality available to purchase anymore due to the rather hefty weight and lousy performance. If someone recommends these It is best to ignore them and not to buy these products, particularly if they are second hand.Toshiba A100 Battery Toshiba Satellite A105 battery Toshiba A70 battery PA3062U-1BAT battery

Next you need to realize the batteries for laptop computers come with a varying quantity of battery cell counts. Generally having extra power cells in the battery will usually imply you’ll receive an extended battery life. For instance, a new 9 power cell battery pack will have about fifty percent more power usage capacity over a like-for-like six cell batteryToshiba Satellite P30 battery Toshiba PA3084U-1BRS battery Toshiba PA3098U battery

They will tell you that, yes, of course you can get 10 hours; all you need to do is switch of Bluetooth (check!), limit or turn off wi-fi (check, but this one kind of hurts!), dim the screen or better yet turn it off (check, sort of!), and try not to do much with the laptop that might strain the processor like watch a video (okay, solitaire here I come!). Thinkpad x41 battery SONY VGP-BPS2 Battery
Even better: switch it off, it’ll last even longer.

So, what’s the point of battery ratings if they don’t represent reality?

What’s needed is an accurate standard that consumer’s can trust when comparing battery life across various manufacturers. For all I know such a standard does exist. But if it does, and I can’t find any evidence of such a regulation, then it’s poorly implemented and certainly not enforced.

Imagine you buy a Prius expecting over 40mpg, but end up getting only 25mpg?



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How to check and repair a dead laptop or netbook


Hi I am lotfi, I wanted to show people how I go about checking dead laptops simple tips that may get your laptop back to life and how to identify weak dc socket joins.

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