Comprehensive review and links for Chinese Mini laptops WM8650 and WM8505. ///NEW INFO/// A new ARM version of Puppy Linux is now available for the WM8650. See instructions and links for the download here: For downloads and more information, visit: (Base system install). (Desktop environment install). (Building kernel). ***Read the instructions carefully and remember to backup your stuff before doing this as the installation will re-write the info on the NAND processor and you may not be able to go back to other OS systems.*** ///NOTICE/// ANDROID 2.2 WORKS THE FASTEST, HAS THE MOST WORKING OPTIONS AND IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR THIS MACHINE. *****WARNING***** IF YOUR MINI LAPTOP COMES WITH ANDROID 2.2 INSTALLED AND YOU REPLACE IT WITH ANOTHER OS, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RE-INSTALL IT AND WILL HAVE TO INSTALL WINCE, UBEROID OR MODROID INSTEAD, LOSING THE CAMERA CAPABILITY (AND FLASH ABILITY WITH WINCE). WM8650 OS WinCE v6.0 (Extract to SD card, put into laptop and boot, remove boot files later from SD): Modroid v11 (Extract to SD card, put into laptop and boot, remove card when prompted, remove files from SD): Uberoid v11 (Extract to SD card, put into laptop and boot, wait 10mins, take card out and re-boot, remove files from SD): UdroidX154 (Not yet tested by me): Other Udroid and Uberoid versions: www

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