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Chrome Citizen + Contents


Chrome Citizen + Contents
Notebook Battery

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Typical contents of my commuter bag.

Notebook Battery

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You can buy almost everything at this chain store, except for beers and full bentos, for only 99 yen. (99 yen in USD, in AUD, in British Sterling Pound, in Canadian Dollar and in Euro.)

They have breads, rice balls (????), cup noodles and soups, tofu, udon, yakisoba, soysauce, miso, cheese, milk, yogurt, chocolate, biscuits and every sort of junk food, rice crackers (?????????), frozen edamame, nori seaweed (??), sesami, some vegetables and mushrooms, and so on – everything you want to have in your kitchen. And some plates, cups and bowls. Batteries. Pens and notebooks.

The Shop 99 was born after the "100 yen shops" took to the streets all over Japan in the late 1990s. Their "?????? (only 1 yen but it’s CHEAPER than the shop next door)" policy has seen a huge success.

* This description on the Shop 99 is free to non-commercial use (CC by-nc 2.0) as long as you can fix my silly mistakes in English if you find any. (^^)
* I am in no way affiliated with the Shop 99 chainstores. I just wrote what I already know. If some parts of my description above is not accurate, it’s because of my memory and/or my English. There is no mal-intension.
* If you want to make sure my description is accurate, visit their website. If you want it to be translated, ask your friends, or hire a translator. Thanks.

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