Full Review – www.eteknix.com Website – www.eteknix.com Like us on Facebook – http Follow us on Twitter – www.twitter.com Laptops are becoming more popular as of late with the likes of schools giving them out to students and the prices dropping so that they are more affordable. Over time they have developed more and use newer technology whilst the prices are still coming down. Back in the day, the laptop of choice came from the likes of Dell, HP, IBM and Toshiba but other brands have developed and are offering more competitive deals which leads to better offers for the customer. Today we’re taking a look at a specialist laptop made by a company called Clausoft. The laptop is called the Meenee and comes in a choice of black or white and features a small compact design and very attractive pricing. Full Review – www.eteknix.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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