Almost clunker
Computer Battery

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Four years ago I ordered a laptop at a local dealer [our office supplier]. ‘I want a good one,’ I said. So I was advised to buy a top of the line Lenovo, costing me a whopping ,600 [€ 1,300, plus 19% VAT.]

the first day i had it, Windows Vista crashed, and i had to restore the system on my own, as local dealer didnt know how to fix a modern Vista than XP. then, i found more than half video games cant run on Vista at all, and administration controlling is pretty dumb and complex all the time. IE sucks therefore i got Firefox instead ( now both Firefox and Google Chrome for different use)

soon after, my system crashed again and i had to restore it using the disk within Lenovo package, plus installing endless drivers.

each time i restore the system i had to restore my iTunes and my iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch Gen1 ( replaced by a Gen3) and probably the iPhone 1.

soon after while playing video game i found ESC key was broken but it could function still in an odd way. i didnt fix it.

after 3yrs, this battery is totally broken thus i had to run this laptop without battery, and one USB port is broken for Internet use ( mouse works okay wireless card doesnt) and this Lenovo will shut down for overheating frequently.

after all i have no money to fix nor buy a new one as im considering buying a sedan, maybe a used Dodge Intrepid or Ford Five Hundred. no extra money for this at all!

YUP! and endless BSOD!!!

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