Completed electronics
Computer Batteries

Image by dam
At this point, you can test the electronics. Insert batteries, make sure the switch is on, and plug into your computer, iPod, or iPhone and play something.

My Cyber Abode
Computer Batteries

Image by Chrissy Downunder
This photo of my work space has lots of notes on it. Everything in it’s place and a place for everything, all within arms reach too. I’m just a tad proud of my organisation skills sometimes :) It’s practical, it works and it looks like fun!

View in original size if you want to have a real good sticky beak, It is unfortunatley a bit grainy but you can still see everything much better. ?

It would be great if other members in the group Learning Photography with Neil Creek took a photo of their own work space or office to show with notes:

I’m a real nosy parker and often wonder what others little cyberspace corners of their home or office are like. I am fortunate in that I have a fantastic view of the front garden.

It’s hard to be self disciplined sometimes .. as I use my pc every day for work and can’t help myself wandering back into flickr to look at photos and learn more about photography. Anyhow this is my little cyber abode .. surrounded by the things I like.

ok .. it’s back to work now .. I really must stop playing around with my camera all the time .. back later ?

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