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Tuesday’s Tech Tips: Chase Demonstrates How to Connect and Use a Battery Backup, or UPS


This week, Active DataComm technician Chase demonstrates how easy it is to connect your computer to a battery backup, and explains some of the benefits and p…

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Epson Printer TX121 – How to connect the Power Cord of the Printer


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How to Connect Your Laptop to Your Television


Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from thefactory and more videos in the Laptop Computers category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Tired of squinting over your laptop? There are several ways to turn a big-screen TV into your new computer monitor and enjoy video games, web content, and photos like never before. To complete this How-To you will need: A laptop A digital television A male-to-male video cable of one of the following types: S-Video VGA 15-pin DVI DVI-to-HDMI A mini-to-RCA audio cable A PC-to-TV converter box A mini-DVI-to-VGA or mini-DVI-to-DVI adapter for Macs Step 1: Connect with S-Video First, connect a video cable — you’ve got several choices. For PC users, an easy option is an S-Video cable. Most PCs and digital televisions are equipped with an S-Video port. Tip: The ends of S-Video cables usually feature either four or seven pins and pinholes. Check your TV and laptop ports to make sure they match. Step 2: Connect with VGA If you have an older HDTV, try a VGA cable, which produces better picture quality and works with both Macs and PCs. To connect, turn off your laptop and your TV. Find the trapezoid-shaped VGA outlets on the TV and on your laptop. Once you’re connected, power everything back on. Tip: Macs need a DVI- or mini-DVI-to-VGA
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