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EEVblog #102 – DIY Constant Current Dummy Load for Power Supply and Battery Testing


Dave grabs a few junkbox parts and builds a useful constant current load for switch mode power supply, battery testing, and other applications.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Constant attention to usage of notebook battery

Notebook Batteries
by Xesc

Constant attention to usage of notebook battery

This is why the notebook battery will be worse after a long time. Please do not let the notebook battery be under the blazing sun for quite a long time and prevent it becoming damp. The more it is charged, the shorter its life will be. We suggest you use the external source. If you want to pull out of the source, you may firstly take out of the battery. Then, you can use the notebook 30 minutes later.

I can not sure about how to well use a wholesale camera battery and I do not know it clearly. The li-ion battery of notebook can only be charged and discharged for about less than 800 times. The source’s linkage with electricity will charge the battery one time. Once we mentioned some about maintaining the notebook battery. Moreover, chemical liquid is another bad thing for battery.

Fortunately it is not costly of the mobile phone rechargeable battery. Something different on the notebook battery. The battery contact must refrain from meeting metal object, or the short-circuit will happen then.

This is safer way. When we charge the notebook, we shall not forget shutting off the notebook, by doing this can we fully charge the battery. Recently Jacky found something wrong with the rechargeable battery of his mobile. But one thing he forgot was his frequency of charging. Do not pull off the cahrge plug while charging. Half an hour’s time will be saved if you power off the notebook and then charge its battery, and this do no harm to bettery.

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