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Always Innovating TouchBook – The coolest computer ever!!!


Always Innovating have announced a new ARM based touch screen/tablet computer, which they plan to start shipping the US in May/June with a price starting at 9. The Touch Book will come with the Touch Book OS, based on the Angström Linux distribution. The company says the Touch Book is not limited to their OS and that it’s possible to “install many operating systems on the device, including Google Android, Ubuntu, Angstrom, and Windows CE, though we would not recommend the latter.” The Touch Book motherboard is based on the Beagle Board and the schematics for it have been released under the GPL by Always Innovating. With an 8.9″ diagonal 1024 by 600 resolution touch screen and an ability to play up to 720p video content, the Touch Book is being sold as a companion to, rather than a replacement for, a user’s main machine. The Touch Book sports a number of unique features in a small device. The keyboard is detachable, allowing the device to used as just a tablet, and the back of the tablet is magnetic, letting a user stick the device to a fridge or other metallic surface. The device weighs less than two pounds, but offers a ten to fifteen hour battery life. However, there is a catch; the two parts of the Touch Book, the tablet and the keyboard, have their own separate batteries. The tablet alone has 3 to 5 hours battery life, with the keyboard battery extending that to the ten to fifteen hours. Another interesting design feature is the inclusion of internal USB ports
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iceKUBE – the coolest laptop / mp3 / ipod speaker!


Taken from the manufacturer’s website: “…Turn any solid surface into an acoustic speaker system! iceTECH, USA, first in the United States to introduce this new technology on the consumer market, brings you the iceKUBE. This compact device employs the newest acoustic vibration technology which produces fantastic sound from almost any solid surface! Mechanical vibrations emanated from the iceKube become vibrating pressure waves, transferring sound to the surface upon which it sits turning it into an acoustic speaker. Place it on your glass or wooden table, office desk, night stand, counter top or any solid surface, adjust the treble, bass and volume with a convenient remote control and listen to your room come alive with high quality sound….” taken from “” Manufacturer ships internationally from Florida.
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