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How To Buy Correct Laptop Battery

0 How to buy correct laptop battery.
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Laptop battery correct use and maintenance


Laptop battery correct use and maintenance

In 2006, the entire notebook industry is full of a keyword , is the battery . dell laptop battery While before , sporadic cell phone battery explosion , laptop computer battery explosion news , has more or less in the network and appeared in various media , but in 2006 Dell notebook battery fire , and several consecutive explosions , no doubt these stars Fire , fan into Negative effect and Precaution in one fell swoop .

Although after that, Sony have given nearly half of its annual profits ,Dell 6Y270 Battery, Dell 1X793 Battery, Dell C1295 Battery as these have exploded or unexploded laptop batteries full pay . But people still increase laptop battery for a new understanding : ” dangerous goods . ” In the Year of the Pig just started soon , ThinkPad and Sanyo joint recall for laptop batteries again in the spotlight as the focus of media and consumer focus , leaving all to use Sanyo battery notebook users into the new Of panic .
Why laptop battery will explode , we should be the proper use of laptop batteries , such as how to avoid an explosion incidents? Let’s take a look at what laptop battery is composed .

Laptop battery ‘s internal composition
This is a piece of notebook batteries, can be said to be very simple structure , the control circuit with a few pieces of lithium batteries . These lithium batteries look very much like we usually use AA batteries , of course, in fact they are not , which of the chemical composition and size are not the same, capacity is the existence of the gap magnitude . Although its appearance compared to our traditional AA batteries has not a small gap , but the study of its nature , is still a lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, Dell C1295 Battery we first look at lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery characteristics , and the use of To note .
Batteries and battery- 5 Comparison of normal
Lithium -ion (Li-ion) battery has a high unit power and lighter weight , while the memory effect is also far more popular before the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery is low, so for now , it can be said to absolute Mainstream . 6 degrees Celsius below the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries will self- discharge of 5% per month , the best preservation methods is to charge 40% of cold storage , Dell 6Y270 Battery, Dell 1X793 Battery, Dell C1295 Battery you can save up to ten years.

Principles of lithium-ion battery

As for the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery life , had very different views before , put deep charge deep , slow trickle charge are familiar , many users is the removal of battery to not use as much as possible . However, lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery life and charge cycles relation is not very large, its life is in 12-18 months. Note however that we can not on lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery discharge any depth , it is likely to cause the battery completely scrapped . Similarly, 40% of the charge was cold storage for three months or so should be removed to recharge and avoid self- discharge .

Lithium- ion battery chart
In addition, the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are also very sensitive to temperature at high temperature case, will drastically shorten its life with the possibility of an explosion ; while for 0 degrees or below the low temperature , its quite likely to be a strike , or even An end to their life . Thus for the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, high and low temperatures will bring no small problem , ranging impact battery life , weight is very likely to cause an explosion , a direct threat to the lives of users .
So how should laptop battery maintenance and use of it ?
1 . to avoid the use of laptop battery under high temperature
As mentioned above , Dell 1X793 Battery, high-temperature case laptop battery life will be seriously reduced , or even have a risk of explosion , so we should avoid using the laptop battery under high temperature , the heat as much as possible to improve the environment for notebook computers , notebook computers can not only extend Life , for there is not a small laptop battery help
2 . Try not to use the fast charge
In fact , currently has a fast charge technology , are international manufacturers . The birth of the technology for business people , whose role is obvious that business people try to save valuable time . But in fact, the fundamental principle of this technology is increasing charging voltage and current , will bring more heat to rapidly reduce the battery life , but also increase the risk of battery explosion . While a large number of international companies are designed to protect technology, but since last year ‘s laptop battery for several bombings is not difficult to see that these protective technology is not omnipotent, fast charge , or it can be avoided

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