Prius Dash
Computer Batteries

Image by BenSpark
Tonight I went for dinner with my Uncle Jim at Souplantation. It is a big buffett, they do however have some good breads and soft ice cream. Uncle Jim has a new Prius. It has lots of cool features, like two glove compartments. And there is the in dash GPS system and car monitor. Some neat stuff.

The Big Batteries.
Computer Batteries

Image by TaranRampersad
These will be what the big panels feed. I’m thinking of running the batteries in parallel, since I can’t think of anything I’ll want 24 Volts for. 12 Volts should be enough.

(Swapped to 24V to meet power requirements of computer systems with voltage stepping)

What’s in my computer bag?
Computer Batteries

Image by anotherkindofdrew

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