Here are my top 10 tips on making sure your HTC Desire/Nexus One battery lasts as long as possible. I can easily get a day and a half out of my Desire when applying these tips so hopefully you will be able to as well! Please comment or ask any questions below and please don’t forget to subscribe! 1) Use the Power Control Widget – the gives you quick access to all the power-draining features of your phone and allows you to turn them on and off at the press of a button. 2) Mobile Data Widget – Add this to one of your screens to enable you to turn the phone’s network data connection on and off. Keeping it off will drastically increase the life of your battery. Only turn it on if you are out of WiFi range and need to send/receive some data. Turning Mobile Data off does not effect being able to send/receive calls/texts. 3) On the Android Market, search for “2G 3G”. This free little widget allows you to jump to one of the settings screens on your phone with one click. From this place you can set your phone to work in just “2G” mode which increases the life of your battery. 4) Brightness – one of the obvious ones. The brighter your screen, the quicker your battery drains. You can use the Power Control widget to quickly switch between Low, Medium and High brightness levels. Keep it on Low to be most efficient. Medium is fine if you know you’ll be reunited with your charger at the end of the day and only use High brightness in very sunny places. 5) Live Wallpapers – As pretty as
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