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Laptop vs Desktop

25 – Compucrazed94 is having a little spat with his father: should he get a laptop or a desktop? Compucrazed94 wants a desktop – its power far outweighs that of any laptop he could afford – but his father wants him to get a laptop – which is highly mobile. Which one is better?

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Laptop Batteries For The Desktop Replacement


Laptop Batteries For The Desktop Replacement

Many people are beginning to slowly use laptop as the replacement for the once popular desktop. In fact, in recent years, the sales of laptop are growing faster than the sales of desktop. One of the reasons for the growth of the sales of the laptop is because the cost of getting one laptop is about the same as the cost of getting a desktop which makes more sense to get a laptop instead of a desktop as laptop is mobile. Another reason of getting a laptop instead is the performance of the CPU for both the laptop and desktop is getting close and there are higher end GPUs that are suitable for laptops which make it suitable to replace the desktop even for high end gaming purposes.

The laptop battery however will drain faster by the performance improvement of both the CPU and GPU and although the recent CPU by Intel has optimized the battery performance, GPU alone will still drain the laptop battery. Because of this, some hardcore gamers will buy a lot of laptop batteries or get additional laptop adapters for travel purposes so that they can still enjoy playing games when they are free.

It is always better to buy laptop battery as spare as well, as we do not know when the laptop batteries will go bad. There are a lot of ways to buy laptop battery ranging ordering it through the laptop distributors or going through third party suppliers like the DM-Battery which sells almost all kind of laptop batteries online.

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How to Use Laptop Computers : Laptops vs. Desktop Computers


Why are laptops so great? What are the benefits of a laptop over a desktop computer? Learn in this free video. Expert: Don Procunier Bio: Don Procunier has owned the Friendly Computer franchise in Cottonwood AZ for nearly 2 years. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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